I Spit on Your Grave Reviews

  • This is a remake of Meir Zarchi's infamous 1978 exercise I Spit on Your Grave, made back when torture porn was readily identified as disgusting and worthy of outrage. Now it's just one more movie in which genitals are sliced.

    Lisa Schwarzbaum — Entertainment Weekly

  • Female-empowerment fantasy or just plain prurience, Grave is extremely efficient grindhouse.

    Jeannette Catsoulis — New York Times

  • When every injury is repaid with interest, this self-destroying work has nowhere to go but to the credits. Such symmetry is a dismal, barbarian sort of perfection.

    Nick Pinkerton — Village Voice

  • This despicable remake of the despicable 1978 film I Spit on Your Grave adds yet another offense: a phony moral equivalency.

    Roger Ebert — Chicago Sun-Times

  • I Spit on Your Grave is exploitation pure and simple. But it's artistically redeeming exploitation. If you can handle it, see it.

    V.A. Musetto — New York Post

  • An attempt to trade on its predecessor's reputation without really grappling with the questions it raises, Monroe's version merely seems shallow, cynical and extremely ugly.

    Jason Anderson — Toronto Star

  • Neither boring enough to qualify as pornography nor vital enough to generate a controversy.

    Rick Groen — Globe and Mail

  • Just piles imaginary atrocities on top of real ones, and then halfheartedly claim that it means something. Well, it doesn't.

    Andrew O'Hehir — Salon.com

  • Exploitation remake delivers sadism and gore but little else.

    John DeFore — Hollywood Reporter

  • Certainly, the rape and killings are more intricate, graphic, excruciating and nauseating. Hooray.

    Michael Ordona — Los Angeles Times

  • It's intentionally, efficiently ugly, through and through.

    John Gholson — Cinematical

  • This remake exists in that movie's shadow and, instead of attempting to outshock the original, ups the elaborate revenge aspect and gives you something to shamelessly cheer for.

    Dave White — Movies.com

  • Nada mais e do que uma narrativa repleta de misoginia, preconceito e estupidez.

    Pablo Villaca — Cinema em Cena

  • It's not that they don't deserve punishment, but the scale here is so out-of-whack with what we're shown, with one battered, tiny girl devising and executing tortures that would have required several construction crews and a team of black ops agents.

    Adam Lippe — Examiner.com

  • Pretty much across the board the characters are more interesting in the remake, but that's really only because they actually are characters to some degree, as opposed to the caricatures presented in the '78 version.

    Ross Ruediger — Bullz-Eye.com

  • If you look at it the right way, I Spit on Your Grave is powerful stuff, much better to be faced and discussed than dismissed and ignored.

    Jeffrey M. Anderson — Combustible Celluloid

  • As dubious as the original, though easier to watch in several ways.

    Shaun Munro — What Culture

  • Mostly well made, with solid performances, but there's very little that's fresh or original about this remake.

    R. L. Shaffer — IGN DVD

  • Gory and violent without really hitting home in either a visceral or meaningful way, and there are chunks that are actually quite dull.

    Mike Edwards — What Culture

  • It's better made, more plausible than the original, the sexual violations less drawn out, the vengeance more violent and elaborate.

    Philip French

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