Ice Age: Continental Drift Review

“It's A Sigh, A Breath Of Fresh Air As Such- Ahh We Are In Dire Need Of A Perk, So Sod The Scotch And Whiskey Classes Go Out And See Another Ice Age Film- And It Is Every Three Years, We Do At Least Need A Pick Me Up At Least Give Our Selves That Treat!”

July 9th, 2012

With a new vast array of fantastic characters voiced with such passion and sublime enthusiasm this could be not only the best Ice Age film in the whose series but possibly the best animated feature so far I have seen this year if not the only so far. Having been released by two weeks early byu two running weekend previews i caught the sighting of IA: Continental Drift in 2D not only is the animation vastly improved but also the camaraderie and story and pacing, fast furious, reverting, often manic.

Story sees our Herd back- Peaches, Mannys part Possum part Mammoth is a run about Teenager lusting and loathing after a hunky stereotypically quiffed mammoth, not knowing where friendship lies in her friend Louise aka. Weiner, Diego is still on the hunt and prowl for something, Sid is fobbed off with his psychotic dementia riddled Granny and Scrat has caused the end of the world again due to his infatuation with damn Acorns.

The bets and worst are sidelined and replaced by jovial and moronic characters in the form of ice berg sailing scally wags, after Manny and Crew are stranded in the vast Atlantic ice aged ocean, searching for their family and ground, full of great action sequences a great Turn from Peter Dinklage as the Baboon sword wavering pirate and his simpleton crew and feisty possible love interest in Jennifer Lopez's wild snow kitty, and Nick Frosts dim witted but lovely jovial Seal.

Thwe film is boisterous, with a great thumping heart wrenching score, its vast, helmed by Two new helms men, Chris Wedge all but living off Voicing the show stealer Scrat. The end of the series feels set, and it is a dynamite film, it neither tries to out grow previous flaws as the last few films withheld nay negativity the first being my least liked-boring- tad symmetrical in my eyes- predictable and just dull and the animation hurt my eyes- the seconds being a tad redundant and shallow minded with two unbearable characters- yes the Possum bros whom do get personified here- sublimely voiced and adhered by Sean William Scott "What's our secret?- We're Stupid" yes you are guys and very annoying- more annoying than the screeching little shits that you have to comprehend with in the viewing which often dampens your spirits. but the thirds 3D and usage and story and just innuendos, temps, tones, forces, made it supreme, a gut wrenchingly hilariously gung ho ride- this being more fun, palsied, least not emotional, just a romp of the highest graded calibre.

See it, enjoy it, love it, witty, sharp, broad, beautiful, and past paced, an evolution that you see has grown, fleshed out likable loved adored characters that I feel sad to leave behind- unless dollars fly in- but this is the genius of this series its never felt like it made for cash like Shrek-3-4

It's a sigh, a breath of fresh air as such- ahh we are in dire need of a perk, so sod the scotch and whiskey classes go out and see another Ice Age film- and it is every three years, we do at least need a pick me up at least give our selves that option to at least be entertained and picked up by a fire cracker like this here and then- well I do every time I see a film but you get my drift and what I'm hinting- these films are superior to any animated Franchise- par PIXARS Toy Story.


Alas I wont be reviewing TAS due to there is far too many already available and it gets boring for many to get mentions in already tiresomely wrung out films to be dried and reviewed and lapped up. But what I will say and plug of it on here is- Was it needed-perhaps for a specific audience but Raimi's hits hard in areas of cinematic pleasures whilst this alas does the same for the geeks, freaks and comic book fads, and alas I feel it is a directed audience this Spiderman needs- and silly children who like to think of they understand source and films like Spiderman when all it is is loud bang boosting, booshing, noises but let them have their own thoughts. As you can tell- I hate children.

ANYWAY GO OUT AND SEE ICE AGE 4- in 2D as lushly divine as the gimmicks would work in 3D.

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