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  • Igor tries to spoof Mary Shelley just as Shrek did the Brothers Grimm, but something tells us this movie's charmless hero won't make an ogre-size impression on kid audiences. Call it a hunch.

    Adam Markovitz — Entertainment Weekly

  • There's scant reward for sitting through Igor, an animated twist on the Frankenstein story that never sparks to life.

    Jeannette Catsoulis — New York Times

  • This film is outclassed by the Pixar stable, but it's entertaining stuff for the children.

    Peter Bradshaw — Guardian [UK]

  • While this is no WALLE, or Ratatouille, it does bring to mind Monsters, Inc. and some of the visual flair of Burton's The Corpse Bride.

    Claudia Puig — USA Today

  • Even the desolate future envisioned in this summer's hit Wall-E has more immediate appeal for kids who might not be familiar with the source material for Igor.

    Mike Mayo — Washington Post

  • To convince you that it's full of surprises, the movie throws in Louis Prima songs where they don't belong, and it riffs on classic monster-movie cliches mostly by spinning them into newly unfunny cliches.

    Janice Page — Boston Globe

  • You can think of it as an animated riff on the American dream: Our fate is determined not by the accident of our birth, but our own will, intelligence and talent. And let's not forget serendipity.

    Nancy Churnin — Dallas Morning News

  • My kid went with it, and I had a fairly good time, as I waited for the reappearance of a marble-mouthed peasant tart, voiced by Jennifer Coolidge. Half the time her line readings are hilarious, and it's impossible to know why.

    Michael Phillips — Chicago Tribune

  • With its belabored gags, misfired pop-culture references and garish visuals crammed together like so many disjointed body parts, this manic kidpic cranks up the annoy-o-meter early on and rarely lets up.

    Justin Chang — Variety

  • Pieced together from Tim Burton and various other sources with more desperation than inspiration.

    Lou Lumenick — New York Post

  • There's enough good stuff here that a better 'toon could have been stitched together from the many promising funny parts.

    Roger Moore — Orlando Sentinel

  • Igor, like the Frankenstein's monster at the centre of its tired plot, looks like something cobbled together out of used, very used, parts.

    Susan Walker — Toronto Star

  • A Frankensteinian mishmash of parts, with drawings that are derived from Tim Burton grafted onto a script filled with Shrek-style sarcasm.

    Liam Lacey — Globe and Mail

  • Although the visuals tantalize and the actors providing the voices add a lot of sass, the result is only so-so.

    Stephen Farber — Hollywood Reporter

  • A potentially original premise and an eager voice cast led by John Cusack and Molly Shannon are left to decay amid a clunky story vaguely reminiscent of Monsters, Inc. and images often resembling visuals rejected from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

    David Germain — Associated Press

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  • Igor has charm but misses a grand opportunity to evoke the world of James Whale when it would rather crib blatantly from Tim Burton.

    Brian Orndorf — BrianOrndorf.com

  • There's a lurking feeling that somewhere along the production line, nervous studio types ordered changes to make the movie more commercial.

    James White — SFX Magazine

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