Imaginary Heroes


"Imaginary Heroes" centers on a family that on the surface seem to have the ideal life. This perfect façade is smashed when an incomprehensible event shatters the Travises, spinning their lives out of control. Only by facing the truths about themselves, each family member must confront the past in order to regain control of their future.

Sigorney Weaver talks ‘Imaginary Heroes’

Sigourney Weaver: The next film I'm doing is a film with Alan Rickman called Snow Flake, in which I play a woman on the autism spectrum. I've spent the last nine months spending time with people on the spectrum. We're all on the spectrum. It may be more obvious in certain people. Its things like that that you end up discovering when you're researching a film. You don't really know when you start how it's going to impact on you, but it's really profound.

Imaginary Heroes was released February 18th, 2005.

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