Immortals Review

“A Movie That Relies On Visuals, But Is Saved By The Acting”

November 13th, 2011

immortals is a movie that relies on visuals to try and hide its dull story. now the visuals are amazing, and well as the sets and costumes. the costumes have so much detail that makes you feel a lot of dedication went into them, and is definatley pays off. the sets feature many unique landscapes and are so well constucted that you feel that the movie was actually made when it took place. the visuals from the tidal wave sequence to the blood and gore are outstanding. these are the features that are most memorable from the movie.

The acting from Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke is great. Henry Cavill makes a highly belivable warrior and acts with great emotion so you get a sense of what his character is really like. Frieda Pinto is alright nothing special but nothing bad. Stephen Dorff does his part well and the whole cast makes the movie highly enjoyable.

the only complaint is that the story is dull, nothing new, nothing creative just something to count as a story. the dialouge is repetitive at points and sometimes is just so simple that it turns to mediocre.

overall if you can get past the story and dialouge problems immortals is a fun. action oriented mythology movie that should satisfy the action movie goer.

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