In Love and War (1997)

In Love and War Poster
Release Date
Richard Attenborough
Mackenzie Astin, Chris O'Donnell, Margot Steinberg, Sandra Bullock, Alan Bennett, Ingrid Lacey

In Love and War Synopsis

Caught in the crossfire of a world at war, love was the last thing on their mind. But for a Red Cross nurse and a heroic, young ambulance driver, an unlikely romance blossomed in the summer of 1918 that forever changed their lives.

The film chronicles the clandestine romance between 18-year-old Ernest Hemingway and 26-year-old Agnes von Kurowsky, the medical aide who nurtured him to health following a devastating battlefield injury. Based on Kurowsky's recently discovered diaries, this extraordinary relationship inspired Hemingway to write the classic love story, A Farewell To Arms.

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