In & Out (1997)

In & Out Poster
  • 73%
Release Date
Frank Oz
Kevin Kline, Joan Cusack, Tom Selleck, Matt Dillon, Debbie Reynolds, Wilford Brimley

In & Out Synopsis

It all happened to Howard (Kevin Kline) faster than you could say "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." One of his former students (Matt Dillon) became a Hollywood superstar, and clumsily called Howard's sexuality into question--on the Academy Awards telecast, no less. Instantly Howard's tranquil life in Greenleaf, Indiana has turned upside down. Greenleaf has now become the scene of a media feeding-frenzy, with Howard as the bait. Peter Malloy (Tom Selleck), a slick and aggressive TV reporter, is determined to move in for the kill and get Howard to speak the truth. Meanwhile, Howard is only days away from his wedding to Emily Montgomery (Joan Cusack), the fiancee he's managed to hold at bay for a full three years.

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