Inception Review

“I Think I'll Skip The Top Ten List And Go Straight To My Favorite Film, Inception!”

December 19th, 2011

*20 minutes until film commences, I am standing in line patiently with my arms crossed. My right leg taps the polished, marble tile when suddenly I feel relief when the doors swing open granting my girlfriend and I access into the theater.*

*10 minutes until film commences. I am slowly coming to realization that months upon months of anticipation has led me to this very seat. I stare in awe of the 7 story roll of film presented in front of me, I look around and see faces with similar facial expressions as my own.*

*2 minutes until film commences, the lights begin to dim to complete darkness but just like last call at a bar signifying the final opportunity to purchase drinks for the night; a miniscule, almost unnoticeable source of light remains exposed allowing the concession stand customers a chance to return. The palms of my hands are sweating, my face glued to the screen in pure anticipation. The room temperature compliments my board-shorts and flanyl shirt. The lights cut, bass trembles and projector rolls, I take a deep breathe, the experience begins.*

This is but a taste of the feeling I had when getting the chance to experience Inception for the first time. Which I'm sure many of you can relate to.

*****Spoilers Ahead*****

Inception, for the 1% that are unaware, is a film directed by the one and only Christopher Nolan and consists of an ensemble cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt to name a few. To give a brief summary, it's a movie the plunged into the world of the dream and specifically what happens when you have the technology to enter another person's dream to extract privileged information, government cover-ups, sex scandals, you name it.

In a contemporary Hollywood filled with Scarface remakes and Spider-man reboots, Inception dazzles, pure and simple. It attracts the viewer with a fast paced opening and easy keeps us there for a solid 150 minutes or so. This, for the most part, is all thanks to the hard work and imagination of Christopher Nolan and company. They take an idea suitable for a newspaper tabloid and create a world so preposterous yet realistic, you can't help but stare in amazement as it unfolds. And while there were some parts I didn't care as much for (such as the struggle between Cobb and Mal) The movie delivers more pulse-pounding action than an average Michael Bay film, yet keeping the smarts and suave that would make Stanley Kubrick proud.

In my opinion, Inception is at its best when the action picks up. From rain drenched car chases to foot chases through the slums of Mumbasa, Christopher Nolan always does a fantastic job directing action and with a little help from prestigious composer Hans Zimmer, it looked better than ever. One scene in particular sold it for me (and most of the audience for that matter) and that was the infamous rotating hallway scene. A scene that involved building a practical hallway, putting it on a 360 rotating lever and sending Arthur (JGL's character) spiraling from the floor to the roof created the most intensely awesome minute in film history!! Those who haven't gotten a chance to see it are surely missing out.

While the action was the best part for me, the psychological aspect of the film is just as impressive. Like his previous films such as Memento or the Prestige, Nolan makes you think and we're not just talking about the big picture. Every little detail builds on the next to make one giant, cohesive mindf*ck!

The acting is top notch, each character is given time to develop despite being thrown into their storyline without any chance for introduction. Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon Levitt really stood out to me, they weren't the stars of the show but their strong personalities really helped carry the film. Also lets not forget the hilarious chemistry between Eames (Tom Hardy) and Arthur (JGL) allowing for some great, mature comic relief.

In conclusion, Inception awes the viewer in almost every way possible. Whether you're looking at it in the big picture (Was the entire movie a dream or just portions??) or in specific portions (Why is Cobb so desperate to get home?) Its a film that warrants multiple viewings whether you liked it or not and like a slice of delicious pie, it gets better and better as you get closer and closer to the finish until it ends and your stuck begging for more!

Hope you enjoyed the review and please feel free to share your thoughts, thanks for reading as always!


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