Inception Review

“"Don't You Want To Take A Leap Of Faith? Or Become An Old Man, Filled With Regret, Waiting To Die Alone!"”

September 11th, 2012


Inception is one of those films that comes along that reminds us why we love creativity in the cinematic universe... In a time where the film industry is filled with remakes and films with poor, worthless stories, films like Inception come along and answer all our prayers. This film is one of those that is about as close to perfection as you can get in the film industry, at this time.

The story of this film is one of the most well thought out tales I have ever seen put onto the screen. Christopher Nolan pulls you into this world where you can access people's minds through their dreams and steal their thoughts, memories, and details of their lives. You can tell tons of research was done on the world of dreaming to make this film. There are several nuances thrown in that make you think "Oh yeah I guess that is what happens when you dream!" Things such as "You never really remember the beginning of a dream. You're always thrown right in the middle of it." When I sat back and really thought about that, it's very true. He took a lot of break downs of what we experience as the dreamer and included them into his story with masterful brilliance.

His ideas of things one can do in the dream were just mind blowing. Watching a city flip upside down, being able to make a top spin, creating your own world... Everything story wise was just near perfection... As of right now, I would say this is Nolan's Sistine Chapel...

The acting was superb on almost every party... Even people with small roles, such as the waiter in the cafe in Mombassa. His one and only role was to be an angry waiter and he nailed it.

I must say that I am truly amazed by Ken Watanabe... He is someone who can truly act and deliver tone through his voice, even through his accent, something that is hard for everyone to do, whether it would be American's appearing in Chinese movies and speaking their Mandarin, Chinese actors in American films speaking English... It is very hard to deliver in a language that has not been as heavily embedded into us as our primary language. Ken is from Japan and he is amazing at this! Even back in his days of The Last Samurai, he has proven the man can deliver on every role he gives us. He has it from the tone of his voice and the tone of his body language... He is becoming a power house... In this movie, he definitely delivers... He makes for the perfect Sato... He has this way of just becoming that character and pulling you in every time he is on the screen... (please do not take offense to anything I said! I am simply critiquing, and in in a complimentary way)

Leonardo DiCaprio is another one whom we have seen come a long way! He is getting better with every role he does and he is brilliant about the roles he chooses to do! He nailed this role. He is wonderful at using different dynamics in his voice and great abundance of tones to deliver! He shows a lot of promise in his body language as well...

I could go all day talking about every actor/actresses and how brilliant they were in this film... Ellen Page... She is definitely a force to be reckoned with... She will have an Oscar soon enough! Joseph Gordon-Levitt, same thing! Both are truly growing in their abilities. They are already Oscar worthy and they are so young! This film was just a framed showcase of what the both of them were able to do!

What can I say about Christopher Nolan's directing... The man is truly a genius. He has this vision in all his films that really draws us in and engages us with the wonder that is his films... Inception was no different. He told his story and tells it with success in a way that will cause this film to remain in one of the all time greatest films category.

The music for this film was one of the most film fitting scores I have ever heard. Hans Zimmer... that is usually all you need to say to know the epic score your about to get; and yet, he finds a way to surpass everything we could have imagined it being... The score just leaves me in awe. The ending sequence with music as Leo finally goes home to his children, one of the most touching pieces of music I have ever heard! This is one of his best works, if not the best!

The visuals go along with the directing. A big part of why this film was so visually astounding is because of a lot of what we are seeing happen, is actually happening. CGI is only used when it is absolutely needed. The rotating hallway fight, was really a rotating hallway fight... The dream falling apart in Paris, was really a dream falling apart on the streets of Paris. That was not CGI... and the quality of what you felt because of that totally changed the vibe of what we were seeing. It took this film to the next level. The choice of outfits from dream to dream, the weapons used at different times... everything was just so well done... it really was a big part of what has set this film so far above many others...

In closing, I will comfortably say this is a top 10 if not top 5 film of all time... I will understand if anyone disagrees, but hey that is what MovieWeb is all about! I hope everyone has enjoyed my review! I am open to discussion about it!




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