Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review

“Famed Archaeologist/adventurer Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Is Called Back Into Action When He Becomes Entangled In A Soviet Plot To Uncover The Secret Behind Mysterious Artifacts Known As The Crystal Skulls.”

August 24th, 2011

Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull

Now lots of people really hate this movie and some people really like this movie I love this movie it is the second best Jones film. Now this story was great it reminded me of the first film so much that is big step because after the first one none of the others had the same fell to it. I only had a few problems with this story I didnt like the fact that aliens were in it that was just f*cking stupid and the scene when Shia LaBeouf was started to swing with the stupid minkeys come on thats stupid. The acting is great in this film all around Frod does great, Shia LaBeouf does a great job and Karen Allen comes back and is great once more. The direction of this movie is great it had the best camara angle of all the Jones film and lots of cool action shots. The visuals I am up set about because they are CGI wich made me alittle pissed about because the first three Jones films the stunts were all real and in this they are all CGI and I wish they were not because in this fil you can tell when it is CGIit is so bad at times you can just laugh at it. Overall I loved this film the second best and lots of fun if they wantd to a great end to The Indiana Jones legend.

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