Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review

“Full Of Classic "Indy" Moments, Spielberg's Masterful Direction, And Some Seriously Incredible Action Set-pieces, Indy4 Is A Worthy Addition To The Series”

May 21st, 2008

Saw a sneak preview Monday night-Bloody fantastic! The action sequences are at least as good as Raiders, and Spielberg's directing is superb. The script is chock full of "patented" Indy moments-and as for stunts, Ford seems more than up to the challenge. Shia Labeouf does a good job as Mutt, the rebellious greaser that starts Indy on his new quest, but the real joy is Karen Allen's return as Indy's most memorable gal, Marion. The moments between her and Harrison Ford are some of the movie's funniest, and warmest (though Spielbeg has no problem with family scenes/storylines.) John Hurt ends up being rather under used, (coming off as only a plot device), and Ray Winstone as "Mac" never really convinces. Cate Blanchett, however, as Irina Spalko, the "drop-dead comrade" who leads the evil Russkies in the film, is a real treat. Her character is a unique creation that fits nicely with all the Indy villains that have come before her, while managing to be unique. The only negative thing, really, was that the final action sequence seemed almost TOO far fetched-but only because its a genre that Indy, at least in the films, had yet to muddle with. However, the movie finishes off with a pair of great scenes, that do real justice to the series. Unlike the Last Crusade, however, there isn't a sort of "curtain-closing" final-shot, but instead a very definite look at what the future of the franchise may hold.


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