Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review

"Welcome Back Indiana Jones..."

After 19 years of reading, and following, and waiting for the next installment of the indiana jones saga, i am happy to say that although the wait was worth it, it was still like going out and buying the car you want, but its not the color that you initially wanted.

I wont reveal spoilers, i think most of us know the premise of the jones story, and many of those elements remain, some are gone, and there are new ones that emerge. It was suprisingly good to see la beef in the film, he didnt necessarily drown indy's role, but was a supporting player (something i thought would get lost in the mix) and karen allen was a welcome face back, but the role was so minimal that i wonder if she only returned for nostalgic reasons only.

As you may or may not know the plot device or artifact if you will is the crystal skulls, that are wanted by the soviets, and although it is more of a surreal prop in the film, i feel that it did not have the same effect as the previous plot devices from the others (although i thought it was much more interesting than the stones in temple of doom) and feel it was a bit overused throughout the film. Although the film was beautifully shot by spielberg and i thought it played well with fords age throughout the film without drowning us with "i am too old for this" type of demeanor.

The script had very few holes, and the end was summed up with a nice bow, but felt the ending was too clean cut to be a fitting ending to this film, or possibly the series. (i still feel last crusade summed it all up nicely at the end)

Although i promised no spoilers, my only hope is that this is not a slap in the face for fans to have the series continue on without indiana. the ending showed that it could very well go any which way... but my hope is that if this is not the end of the series then this wont be the end of indiana either.

HARRISON FORD... the man still knows how to charm the audience... a little more crack to the voice, wrinkles, and lots more grey in the hair, he still has got indiana after 19 years of being out of character. Many complained of his age... that he hasnt had many hits in the past few years... his age... and well his age, but it was good to see him and although his stunts were performed by stuntmen (take most of hollywood no matter the age anyhow for that matter) i really hope his performance shut many of you up.

so overall:

story 3.5: welcome additions, great action, good building of characters, but last 25 minutes seemed a bit out of place for a jones movie.

acting 4: arguments seemed rush and pushed between allen and ford, and ford seemed bored in a few spots

directing 5: what can i say, spielberg served dessert to us, and i was left with only the crumbs.

visuals: action was great, great gag effects, glad the fight in the diner worked much better than in spielbergs "1941", and cgi seemed minimal... thank god lucas did not co direct.

overall 4: welcome addition to the indy saga, but last 25 minutes seemed a bit of a letdown. great movie though, and cannot wait to see it a second time.

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