Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review

“"aliens Don't Belong In An Indiana Jones Movie!!!"”

December 22nd, 2008

Okay just so you know I was never exactly

a "hard core" indiana jones fan. But I still left the movie theater, like most of you, not very pleased with what I saw.

There are a few "downfalls" to the film. First off, the beginning is really boring, it's a bunch of teenagers in a car for like 10 minutes. Did we pay to see this, or did we pay to see indy kick Russian ass?! Anyway there's the fridge scene, at first I thought it was pretty cool, but then after the scene ended I was like, wait what? I don't even want to talk about the aliens. Anyway the film is about indy being kidnapped by some Russian soldiers because they want him to find the cyrstal skull of an alien, he escapes only to run into his long lost son who tells him that Marion(indy's girlfriend,)been kidnapped along with indy's old college friend Harold Oxley. Indy and his son Mutt travel to peru and find the crystal skull and, yicks, this is getting boring so i'll speed things up. indy and mutt run into the Russians, reunite with marion and oxley, have a long, long jungle fight/chase with the Russians make it to a place with a bunch of alien skeletons, place the skull on a headless skeleton a ufo comes out of the ground and kills the Russians. The film ends with indy marring marion.

wtf huh?

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