Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade Review

“When Dr. Henry Jones Sr. Suddenly Goes Missing While Pursuing The Holy Grail, Eminent Archaeologist Indiana Jones Must Follow In His Father's Footsteps And Stop The Nazis.”

August 24th, 2011

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Now this is the Jones film is more of a comdey than an adventure, I love this movie it is a great film and is one of the best casts in movie history.

Now the story in this movie is great it has so many thing in this movie that could have made this the last Jones movie. We learn Indiana's real name, we find out why he sate snakes and we find out where he got the whip. We also meet his dad played by James Bond himdelf and is a blast to watch.

The actin is great in this movie Ford is great and is back to the way he was in the first film. Like i said James Bond is in this film and is blast to watch. Asfor the rest of the cast is great too. The direction is great it looks just like the first film. I just have to say there is a scene in this movie when Indiana's dad thinks his son fell off the a bridge or somthing like that and the things Steven Spielberg does with the camara is just amazing in that scene. The visuals are great I love the affect that happen when people drink out of the wrong mugg at the end and hen Idiana walks acroos the bridge that you cant see.

Overall this movie is great and it is big step for the Jones films and has one of the best endings of all time and just a great film and for that Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade is great

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