Into the Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life Review

“As Is All Herzogs, Compassionate To Some, Never Degrading, He's Trying To Get This Question Across, A Question Multilayered That Yes It Is Presumably Not Multi Layered Except It's A Subject And Cause That Is Multi Dimensionally Questionably Questionable.”

May 3rd, 2012

Werner Herzog eclipses the subject of the death penalty, going into the corners of the subject interjecting definitive flourishes of sanity, love, hatred, sadness and emotion and the odd thing- guilt is never but apparent, but the subject tries to extract the reason and logic and personal valences' of the two young men whom committed three homicides, over the atrocious want of a car. Not only does Herzog delve us into the story, the film isn't about the crime in itself, and the whole film doesn't flit about, it delivers that specific line- it looks into the situations and life it has resolved or crushed mainly crushed. Herzog's the voice of reason, but never interjecting his own benevolence of thought -in the start he says to the criminal Michael Barry whom is about to die 8 days prior that interview with Herzog "I'm not inclined to like you"!.

Never is it heavily aghast or overtly artistic or spiritually inclined or whether or not you think of Herzog's feature films his Doc*mentaries resonate emotionally and file the point, the logic, the legitimate console of these people, interviewing those also inclined to have a state opinion on the subject of DEATH ROW.

It is a slender cleverly constructed film that allows you to pick up on certain questions Herzog asks, not defectively but emotionally and thoughtfully. Slight bit parts and description of the destructive chaos, and it delves into the Abyss of mans nature, of the dark society of whence we come, and the certain trivialities, Herzog moving in on the subject of drug taking, this being firmly brushed off by The Lieutenant he meets, whom he makers it clear, not verbally but in camera and in the way he consoles himself and speaks indefinitely and cautiously, never trying to put his perspective over the case and its history never wanting or seemingly willingly, but its cle4ar the statistics of drug prone crimes is a tad tiresome and repetitive in that state of Texas and in the whole world now, there we get Herzog and what a genius he is, the points and exploitive and clichéd conundrums and excuses that besiege such situations. It's clear this was a demoralising and hurtful and dark exploitative unmotivated crime of hence sentiment is attached too, to both Jason and Michael whom collaborated and schemed and acted off their own heads to commit a heaneous and vile crime. Not only do we get Jason's father talking through jail- an unsophisticated man- unneutered and uncultured and uneducated and seamlessly lost in the void of prison time stating his son has til "1941" til jail time, Herzog intimately and not mockingly laughs it off saying he's missing it by a whole century, whom the father smiles it off, a look of wholesome self notification.

Ominous, thoughtful and provocatively forthright and minimally it hits spots where others either put their whole thoughts and extricate themes and rhythms in doc*mentaries, Herzog merely idles his cool mannerisms and good nature and whole un judgmental heartiness forward, trying to engross and ensconce, algorithms of emotion, honesty, truth, the whole picture though never wanting to wholly extravagate it directly and informatively.

A eerie, uncomfortable but nonetheless honest viewing, which leaves you with own opinions, solicited with these interviews and whole through misreading or in your eyes your views, these are what are sublime, Doc*mentaries that try to tell you how it is, or are actually telling you, or make it into some woolly mammoth escapade till the final fault is the story was wholesomely produced in running. But this Doc is different, as is all Herzogs, compassionate to some, never degrading, he's trying to get this question across, a question multilayered that yes it is presumably not multi layered except it's a subject and cause that is multi dimensionally questionably questionable, building upon that is not underlined or layered or hidden but juxtaposition mirages of questions that seem to open up. A story of opinion and truth and defaults in law and in criminology itself, also it is a look into mans psyche- a thoroughly gripping, sad, heart breaking watch.


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