Iron Doors 3D


A man is trapped inside a locked vault, and he doesn’t remember how he got there, or who put him there either. He must escape before he dies of dehydration and his mind is beginning to play tricks on him. Things are not what they seem: he is not alone, and someone is watching his every move…

EXCLUSIVE: Actor Axel Wedekind Talks ‘Iron Doors 3D’

To begin with, you spend a lot of time alone in the movie acting by your self, can you talk about preparing for those scenes?

Axel Wedekind: So basically, the director is one of my best friends so we have been planning this thing for many years to do something together. I produced this as well. The company belongs to Stephen (Manuel) and me so we were both producers on it. Basically, for a movie like this you have to feel safe as an actor, I think. So with him I feel safe. We have done many movies before and he is a good friend so he knows what to do to get the performance out of me that he wants.

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