Iron Man 2 Review

"Epic Win Of A Movie"

In the summer of 2008 the world awaited a large amount of superhero movies, but it was obvious the most anticipated movies were the dark knight and iron man. Now, Tony Stark returns in a bigger, better, more action packed installment in the new expanding Marvel movie universe. Last time we saw Tony Stark, he revealed to the world he's iron man, now Ivan Vanko played by Mickey Rourke, is out for revenge after Tony's and his father worked on the big arc reactor we saw in the first movie, and Tony's father gave no credit to Vanko's father. Meanwhile, Tony finds out he's dying and places Pepper Potts as ceo of stark industries and gets Nataile Romanoff as his new assistant. Meanwhile, Justin Hammer, rival billionaire joins forces with Vanko to take down Stark. Like all sequels, there's more characters and more stuff going on, but it all flows so smoothly it's almost as enjoyable as The Dark Knight. Recommend it 100%. see it! (ps, stay after the credits!!!)

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