Iron Sky Reviews

  • In space, no one can hear you laugh either.

    William Goss —

  • It's Nazis from space. Cult movie fans will basically know what to expect. It's just a shame it couldn't have been a bit better.

    Catherine Bray — Film4

  • To its credit, while routinely stupid, it is playfully so - and it gets over the line through sheer force of charm. A "triumph of the will", if you catch our drift. (Sorry.)

    Patrick Kolan — Shotgun Critic

  • Shock horror: hilariously terrible-sounding movie ends up being nowhere near as fun as you might hope. This does not bode well for my time-travelling monkey idea.

    Matt Looker —

  • Great idea, lousy execution: "Iron Sky" boasts one of the zaniest premises in recent memory, and somehow manages to squander most of its potential.

    Jeff Shannon — Seattle Times

  • The film hasn't the budget to match its dizzying concept, nor the wit to fill the gaps between.

    Matt Glasby —

  • Despite some ill-advised turns of tonality, Iron Sky remains intriguing, submitting a lively sci-fi vision with a pronounced historical playfulness, keeping the feature eager to please and out to awe.

    Brian Orndorf —

  • History tells us that you can't fake trash classics and you can't manufacture a cult.

    Tara Brady — Irish Times

  • The jokes are spasmodic, as satirically weightless as playing golf on the moon.

    Philip French — Observer [UK]

  • Re-watch the teaser trailer, skip the final production.

    Sam Bathe — Fan The Fire

  • Nazis on the moon! What could be more brilliantly bonkers than the lunatic premise of satirical sci-fi action comedy Iron Sky? Sadly, Finnish director Timo Vuorensola fails to make the most of his conceit.

    Jason Best — Movie Talk

  • A space-ploitation brain fart.

    Ed Whitfield — The Ooh Tray

  • The space battle scenes are impressive, Julia Dietze is sexy and demure as the Nazi schoolteacher sent to Earth and there are genuinely funny moments.

    Mark Adams — Daily Mirror [UK]

  • Lowballing schlock and nothing more.

    David Jenkins — Little White Lies

  • Stylishly made with some terrific effects, Iron Sky also draws on everything from Star Wars to Dr Strangelove, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a Sarah Palin-style US President in Stephanie Paul...

    Graham Young — Birmingham Post

  • It's Nazis from space. Cult movie fans will basically know what to expect. It's just a shame it couldn't have been a bit better.


  • Madchens in tight blouses, space travelling stormtroopers, - was ist not to like?

    Tim Evans — Sky Movies

  • Completely fails to deliver on its basic premise and is ultimately disappointing, thanks to a lazy script, poor performances and ham-fisted direction.

    Matthew Turner — ViewLondon

  • Balls, that core factor found in the best political satires, is what Iron Sky is lacking.

    Matthew Pejkovic — Matt's Movie Reviews

  • Let's face it: it's Nazis from the Moon invading Earth in flying saucers, if you're expecting anything other than abject absurdity, you're in the wrong movie.

    Tim Martain — The Mercury

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