Iron Will Review

“What A Great Movie! I Can't Believe That No One Has Seen This!”

September 13th, 2010

This movie is about a young man's journey on a 500 mile race to win $10,000 dollars. His intentions are to pay off the mortgage to his family's home after his father died in a sledding accident. The problem is that everyone thinks he is just too young. Fortunately, one person believes: a news paper reporter (Kevin Spacey) who convinces a promoter to let Will race.

It may be a children's movie but its a great one and an inspirational one as well. I can guarantee that if you watch this movie you will quote it for years to come. It will make you cringe on the edge of your seat, it will be satisfying; it is a true feel-good movie. By the end of it perhaps you too will be rooting "Iron Will, Iron Will!"

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