Jackass 3D Review

“Never In My Life Have I Seen A Man Getting An Apple Eaten Out Of His Ass By A Pig!”

January 13th, 2011

So if your new to Jackass, Johnny knoxville and his band of misfits go out

out and create these simple and elibrate stunts. To embarass themselves

and hurt themselves for our entertainment and God bless them all. This

movie was such a blast. It's really hard to review a Jackass movie because

it's not really a movie. There's no acting these guys are just being themselves.

There's no script these guys are just improving it the whole time. All the time.

What makes a Jackass movie, is how good the stunts are and how much you laugh. And this movie f*cking delievered. There brilliant and sometimes genius. I mean there's some mindf*cks they pull on people, that you don't see coming and are just perfect. They did some great things with a jet engine that had me and my friends in sitches. They make great use of super glue. I don't even get into but hilarious. And these are the best Jackass stunts I've seen yet and I was very impressed. And what really impressed me was how creative these stunts are, yes these movies can get pretty stupid and silly which my opinion makes them great. But here you can see that they actually put some thought in these stunts and they made them quite elaborate. And they worked out great.

Now, the 3D. Finally, a good 3D movie and it comes from the Jackass guys.

Somethings wrong Hollywood, and the 3D here is the best 3D I've seen in months and Jackass 3D was the only movie I was looking forward to in 3D and I'm glad it actually gave me what I wanted. And what I love is that there not just poking fun of 3D, there using it very very well. I mean you can tell

there were some scene made for the 3D format and they come out great.

Especially the port a potty stunt where Steve-O gets launched into the

air and sh*t flies out everywhere.

The thing I really loved about Jackass 3D was although they were working with an all new format and cameras and they had to desgin stunts based on this format. They still the same old guys hurting themselves, embarassing themselves, having a good time. And I'm glad they kept that spirit alive. That's one of the big reasons why these movies work so well. I also think that Jackass 3D is a little more up-beat than Jackass Number Two. Which was definitley more mean-spirited in my opinion but still hilarious. I mean the Terriost Taxi Stunt, The Brand, The Leech Healer, and How to Milk a Horse. All where just brilliant. My face still hurts from laughing some much during Jackass 3D.

So Jackass 3D is easily the best one yet. I think these movies get better

with age. My only real complaint with this film was that these guys are in there late 30's and there not willing to pyhiscally harm themselves. Unlike

the first two, here there were comedic stunts than dangerous. Which I was pretty disappointed about. But I had a great time watching this movie and it's the funniest movie of this year and the most fun I had at the movies all year. Also, I really have to thank the Jackass guys because I had a really crappy day before I saw this movie and it completley turned around after I left the movie theater. And overall just a blast!


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  • moviegeek • 5 years ago

    Weirdly formatted lol, but good first-go man. It's nice to see a first review with at least a lot of content in it.


    • geoplaks • 5 years ago

      @ejk1 Yeah sorry about that I tried editing it off but my computer is catsh*t!


      • ejk1 • 5 years ago

        Pretty good review for a first time. Just lay off the space bar a little.


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