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After smearing the world with all sorts of ridiculous crap, the original creators and cast of the MTV series "Jackass" and "Jackass: The Movie" go one louder in "Jackass: Number Two." Significantly raising the stakes and lowering the bar, "Jackass: Number Two" unleashes a spirited mess of absurdity as the cast and crew gets even more ugly around the globe.

Jackass Number Two News
Jackass 2.5 to Be Offered Free Online
The sequel to its two-time theatrical hit will not be shown in theatres!
Jackass 3 in the Works
Filming begins in January.
Jackass Number 2 Dumps Itself Atop the Sales Charts
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest comes in second.
Jackass Number Two DVD to Contain Many More Stunts
Disc will also include an expanded "making of" as well as a commentary track.
The Lowdown From Johnny Knoxville and The Jackass Number Two Crew
MTV's Jackass crew returns for more stunts and hijinks in their 2nd movie.
Jackass: Number Two Movie Trailer Goes Online
Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the gang are back!
Jackass Number Two Official Website Launched
Two Quicktime clips on the home page.
Jackass Number Two Release Date

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