Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Review

“Bad Grandpa Is By No Means An Awful Film, It Just Would Have Worked Better As A TV Movie Or Special For The Show. The Laughs Just Are Not There And The Humor Is A Little Too Childish. A Flick You Can Watch With Your Buddies, That's Really About It.”

October 29th, 2013

It has been quite some time now since we have seen our beloved Jackass gang and their band of misfits. Last time we saw them, they were taking aim in 3D in what was a hilarious, disgusting and raunchy filled ride. Of course they have had their downside, recently with the passing of a crew member and friend Ryan Dunn (this film was dedicated in his memory). But do you remember Irving Zismen? that old guy with the fake balls in those mini skits throughout the films and movies. Well Johnny Knoxville and some of his compadres decided to make a full length film and make him the star. Much like the skits in the television series and films, Irving and his grandson always take on unsuspecting bystanders. The events depicted in this film are REAL life situations, much like another familer film Borat. Sadly though there is only so much the crew can do with the material. Sure it's good for a laugh or two with your buddies, but as a feature length film? it simply does not work. It's more offensive and obscene then it needs it to be and I never really truly caught myself dying of laughter. It's a tragic shame because I truly love these guys and the films and stunts they create.

If you are in a packed theater watching this film it maybe more easier for you to laugh and conform to those around you. I saw this film in a private screening with eight other people whom were not any of my closest friends. So granted my opinion could be skewed, but I still was not impressed with fake poop decorating the walls or a fake penis getting stuck in a vending machine. It's not lively and more importantly it's simply not funny. Sure my generation will probably worship this movie and proclaim it "The funniest movie I have ever seen" chances the next time a big comedy like this comes out they will have instantaneous forgotten all about Bad Grandpa, as they should because the film offers nothing you can't already watch on You Tube.

Johnny Knoxville is a funny comedian and actor, but all my likes about him aside, Irving Zismen is probably my least favorite gags in the entire Jackass universe. Mainly because his voice inflection is annoying, his irreverent humor and gags sometimes make no sense I also don't see how fake genitals are funny?. I mean I understand you need to have a good laugh every now and again and some things maybe funnier than to others. But lets be in reality here? it does not work. Sure everyone has that one menial old relative that does not give any care in the world about how they act, or what they say. I do give the crew some credit for getting so many un-godly reactions at certain points throughout the film and you can clearly see these citizens have NO idea what is going on. You may think it's all a set up, it is not, there is scenes in the end credits that confirmed my disbelief.

The crew over at Dickhouse have once again sold themselves for cheap fart jokes and potty humor. I'm not saying they did in the original Jackass films, but I'm saying they executed the stunts better. If you take away the whole crew and leave only one (hence Johnny Knoxville) then I feel it cannot prosper to its full potential. Maybe if somehow one from or another they made a cameo into this film it could have suppressed how bored i was for most of it. The film is already a box office sensation, which basically means a sequel can be confirmed. But I find it so hard to understand and grasp that Spike Jonze, YES Spike Jonze, the director of the amazing Adaptation and Where The Wild Things are, wrote the screenplay for this film. Wow. For now though, Bad Grandpa is a tremendous waste of your time and money, if you want to laugh go out and rent This is the End.


By: Nate Adams

Rated: R

Run-Time: 90 mins

Directed By: Jeff Treamine

Studio: Paramount

Release Date: October 25th

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