Jackass: The Movie Cast

Johnny Knoxville Johnny Knoxville Himself
Bam Margera Bam Margera Himself
Steve-O Steve-O Himself
Chris Pontius Chris Pontius Himself
Ryan Dunn Ryan Dunn Himself
Jason Acuña Jason Acuña Himself
Preston Lacy Preston Lacy Himself
Dave England Dave England Himself
Ehren McGhehey Ehren McGhehey Himself
Brandon Dicamillo Brandon Dicamillo Himself
April Margera April Margera Herself
Phil Margera Phil Margera Himself
Jess Margera Jess Margera Himself
Chris Raab Chris Raab Himself
Rakeyohn Rakeyohn Himself
Loomis Fall Loomis Fall Himself
Rick Kosick Rick Kosick Himself
Manny Puig Manny Puig Himself
Stephanie Hodge Stephanie Hodge Herself
Jason Rasmus Jason Rasmus Himself
Jackass: The Movie Directors
Jeff Tremaine Jeff Tremaine Director

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