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When, during the height of beach season, the town of Amity Island in Massachusetts is terrorized by attacks from a great white shark -- Martin Brody, the new chief of police must solve the problem. As the Mayor tries to avoid a panic which would deprive the town of its crucial tourist season, warnings to swimmers are avoided and more victims float to the surface.

Brody eventually enlists the help of a young oceanographer and a sea-wary fisherman to hunt down and destroy the great white menace that has turned the Amity Island shore into a feeding ground.

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Steven Spielberg Will Never Remake JawsSteven Spielberg Will Never Remake Jaws
Steven Spielberg cleared the air about speculation of a Jaws remake, which the director says will never happen.
Spielberg Planning Jaws & Back to the Future Remakes?Spielberg Planning Jaws & Back to the Future Remakes?
Steven Spielberg is reportedly key on rebooting both the Jaws and Back to the Future franchises, which may happen if DreamWorks goes to Universal.
Jaws Returns to Theaters for 40th AnniversaryJaws Returns to Theaters for 40th Anniversary
Fathom Events is bringing the 1975 classic Jaws back to the big screen for its 40th Anniversary with a two-night event this June.
Kevin Smith Pitches Jaws Sequel to Steven SpielbergKevin Smith Pitches Jaws Sequel to Steven Spielberg
Kevin Smith lays out his idea for a modern-day Jaws sequel that brings the shark up close and personal with Amity Island residents.
Jaws 'John Krasinski Memories' Blu-ray Clip
The Office star reminisces about his childhood with Bruce the Shark in this interview in honor of Universal Picture's 100th Anniversary.
Jaws Returns to the Big Screen Through Cinemark Theaters
The theater chain will kick off its Fall Classic Series with Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic on Thursday, August 23.
EXCLUSIVE: Jaws Blu-ray Interviews!
Production designer Joe Alves, co-writer Carl Gottlieb, and documentary producer J. Michael Roddy talk about this anticipated release.
CONTEST: Win Jaws on Blu-ray!
We're also giving away keychain can openers to celebrate Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic debuting in hi-def on August 14.
Jaws 'Kick-Off on Martha's Vineyard' Blu-ray Video
Martha's Vineyard is host to JAWSFEST in honor of the upcoming Blu-ray release, in stores this Tuesday, August 14th.
Jaws 'Robert Shaw' Blu-ray Featurette
We also have two more featurettes from this August 14th release, as well as a look at the retro Narragansett Beer can from 1975.
Two Jaws Blu-ray Clips Celebrate the First Day of Summer
Take a look at scenes from the fully restored version of this genre classic, in honor of today's anniversary of its 1975 theatrical release.
Jaws Blu-ray Trailer
This Steven Spielberg classic will debut in the 1080p format August 14, as part of Universal Studios' 100th Anniversary celebration.
Universal Pictures Celebrates 100th Anniversary with Restoration of 13 Classic Films
The studio has unveiled a new logo, with classic films such as Jaws and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial getting fully restored
Actor Roy Scheider Dies at 75
The legendary Oscar nominated actor was best known for his role in Jaws.
Jaws 5 and Van Helsing 2 Going Straight to DVD?
Just when you thought it was safe to go to the video store...
CONTEST: Win Fantastic 3D Movies Posters From McFarlane Toys!
We're giving away the brand new Friday the 13th, Jaws and Alien 3 dimensional sculpted posters!
So You Think You Can Dance Debuts on Fox May 25th
The best undiscovered dancing talent the U.S. has to offer will endure a grueling competition to become America's No. 1 dancer.
14 Clips From JAWSfest!
A celebration in honor of the film's 30th anniversary.
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