Jeepers Creepers Review

“Overall A Great Horror Film With Scares.”

October 9th, 2011

Jeepers Creepers is a recent horror film that was made back in 2001, most of the time I don't enjoy recent horror films, because they aren't effective in creating scares or being creepy. Jeepers Creepers on the other hand is effective at both, it delivers on the scares.

The story of this film is about a brother and sister who are driving home for college break, they encounter a flesh eating creature that gets to eat every twenty three years for twenty three days. The story works so well because throughout most of the movie the creature is kept in shadows, you can barely see what he looks like, making him seem scarier then he actually is. You do get to see what he looks like eventually though, while I do like the way he looks, I just didn't feel like he was neither scary nor creepy enough to have any effect. I prefer him being kept in the shadows like he was throughout most of the film, they should've kept him in the shadows and then reveal him at the end of the movie, it would've been much more effective that way.

The acting in this movie is pretty decent; it's what you would expect from a movie like this. Just don't expect any Oscar winning performances from anyone though. The best performance in this film would have to be Jonathan Breck who plays "The Creeper"; he delivers such a great performance with this role. Even though his character never actually get speaks. Everyone else delivers decent performances; it's just Jonathan Breck stand out to me.

Now as far as the script goes for the film, I have to say that this is the strongest part of the film. It works because you don't really know who or what "The Creeper" really is. The movie never states what this thing actually is, so it's assumed that it's some type of demon. This is why the movie works so well it's because there's never a reason given as to why "The Creeper" gets to eat every twenty three years for twenty three does, this just adds more to the film. If there's one problem I have with the script, is that some of the dialog could use a little touching up, but this is only a small problem compared to the rest of the film.

The directing in this film works really well, because the director makes you believe what's going on. His directing works well because he's mostly done horror films; he knows what he's doing with films like this. His directing is perfect for this movie, it's nice and slow, he never tries to rush things like most horror movies do.

This film play's out like a lot of the old monster films do, this is why it's an instant classic. Do yourself a favor and give it a watch, you won't be disappointed.


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  • Filmlegacy • 5 years ago

    @slysnide Thanks and yeah I have to agree with you on the monster, they could've done a better job with him. I enjoyed the film for what it is, one of the better horror films to come out in a while.


    • slysnide • 5 years ago

      The first half hour was good, but the rest was overly typical of the modern horror genre with only a few good scares, featuring good old fashioned suspense & tension. The monster itself didn't look either scary or real. You could totally tell it was a guy in a suit. Nice review nonetheless @Moviedirector.


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