Jingle All the Way Review

"Ta Ta, Turtle Man."

I am not a fan of Christmas films. I generally find them stupid, and all the same. Usually I don't even bother with them. But this one is different. This one is not just the same old thing about family visiting each other, and all the things that happen, that is suppose to pass for humor nowadays. This one has quite the fresh and original plot to it that you do not see everyday, along with new jokes, not the ones you see in every Holiday movie. It is about a father (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who is always breaking his promises. So Christmas comes, and he promises his kid a new toy called Turbo Man. Well, it's Christmas Eve, and he still hasn't gotten the doll, so he has to go out and try to find one. This calls for some hilarious scenes, and laughs that are pretty much non-stop throughout the whole film. Even though the film is just PG, I still enjoy it, and it is not a kiddie movie. I despise kiddie films, and I loved this one! It is not the adult humor like "Scary Movie" and it's not the kiddie humor like "Kung-Fu Panda." It is something everyone can enjoy. I am really glad there are a few movies out there that maintain laughs without a bunch of crude humor, because that stuff IS NOT FUNNY. I wish all comedy films were like this, where it is not the dumb kiddie humor, and not the adult humor. It's just fun. Schwarzenegger is at the top of his game as the father. This is a completely different role for him, and he tackles it to perfection.

My only complaint with the film would be the little boy. Maybe Schwarzenegger shouldn't buy his kid a Turbo Man doll for Christmas. He should buy him some acting classes. But whatever. Still the best Holiday film ever!

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