Jock the Hero Dog


3-D animated-family adventure that tells the heart-warming, coming-of-age story of a man and his best-friend, a lovable and fearless dog named, Jock.

‘Jock the Hero Dog’ DVD Poster

Based loosely on the original story by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick titled "Jock of the Bushveld", Jock the Hero Dog comes to VOD on June 19th and DVD streets July 24th. Fitzpatrick's friend, Rudyard Kipling, inspired this classic story into print. It was first published in 1907, and the book has never been out of print.

A story of bravery and loyalty set in the harsh and wild environment of South East Africa. Our hero, Jock (Bryan Adams), accompanies his master Fitz (Donald Sutherland and Theo Landey) on his search for gold. Our canine hero grows from being the runt of the litter to the most famous dog in Africa. We have the exclusive DVD poster for you to check out here!

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