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Demon hunter Chen Xuanzhang (Wen Zhang) believes that he can purify any demon through love. However, his belief is shaken when his attempt to defeat a demon fish ends in a family's death and a victory for violent demon hunter Duan (Shu Qi). After getting encouragement from his master, Xuanzhang soldiers on to hunting down a demonic hog with the help of Duan, who has fallen in love with Xuanzhang. Despite help from other demon hunters, the hog gets away. As a last resort, Xuanzhang and Duan turn to the help of Sun Wukong (Huang Bo), who has been imprisoned for five centuries for his crimes in heaven.

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Journey to the West TV Spot | EXCLUSIVEJourney to the West TV Spot | EXCLUSIVE
Director Stephen Chow returns with this epic fantasy adventure about a young demon hunter, in theaters and VOD March 7.
New Journey to the West Trailer from Director Stephen ChowNew Journey to the West Trailer from Director Stephen Chow
This action-adventure centers on a demon hunter who heads west with four mystical creatures. Check out the new poster, In theaters this spring.
Journey to the West Trailer from Kung Fu Hustle Director Stephen Chow
We also have the new poster for this martial arts comedy-fantasy co-directed by Chi-kin Kwok.
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