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It’s a zombie film but it’s about Cubans and how we react in the face of a crisis because we’ve had a lot of them here over the last 50 years. It is a social comedy, it has a bit of everything. It has horror, it has action and it pretty much laughs in the face of problems.

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EXCLUSIVE: Alejandro Brugues Talks Juan of the Dead DVD
When Havana begins to fill up with zombies, only one man can make things safe again in this international horror comedy hit, available August 14th.
Juan of the Dead DVD Arrives August 14th
Alexis Diaz de Vilegas stars as the title character who tries to keep his Cuban countrymen safe from zombies in this horror-comedy.
Juan of the Dead Lands at Focus World
Focus Features' new digital distribution label will release the Cuban zombie comedy on VOD and other digital platforms later this year.
Jaun of the Dead Trailer
Alejandro Brugues directs the first Cuban horror film about a group of dissidents who prevail during a zombie outbreak.
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