Latest 'Justice League' News

Casting Call for Justice League Superhero Movie

Looking for actors in three North American cities for roles in the upcoming film.

EXCLUSIVE: Wonder Twins Activate in the Shape Of... the Gyllenhaals?

A new Justice League rumor has Jake and Maggie doing a cameo!

B. Alan Orange

Smallville's Tom Welling to Be Superman in Justice League?

New rumors abound about the upcoming superhero flick.

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Justice League of America to Be a CGI / Motion-Capture Film?

Christian Bale has not been approached to reprise his role as Batman.

What's the Hubub with The Justice League of America?

Learn the truth about the most talked about comic-to-film adaptation.

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George Miller to Direct Justice League?

Rumor has the director circling the super hero project.

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Warner Bros. Set for Justice League Film

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash all in one flick combined.