Keith Lemon: The Film Review

“This Years Most Intelligent Comedy- I Think- Or Does That Make Me A Bit----um----just Read The Review SHAAATI NG!”

August 25th, 2012

A select troupe of Leigh Francis's characters return in Keith Lemons film debut which not only paces your expectations but sparkles it up a bit this is no doubt Lemons film- which centres on, well Keith Lemon, many of you Americans may not know a thing about Lemon- nor who all these cameoed faces appear who are meant to have such a big fantazzz on screen but this is a good starting point- an origin story from where Keith Lemon the crude rude lewd weird ginger perv came from before becoming the most recognisable face from outta his limits of Leeds to be known throughout the UK.

To hasten things up the story is nonsense But here's the short synopsis strung up from Wikipedia:

The film is about Keith Lemon's rags to riches story when he invents a phone with a light up lemon on the back, and how it leads to a Hollywood celebrity lifestyle and a relationship with Kelly Brook. There are also lots of cameo celebrity appearances from famous faces such as Peter Andre, Fearne Cotton, Emma Buton and Jedward (if you don't know of them- your lucky sonsofbitches!)

but the gags and quips and over whole is centred around Lemons tip bits, favoured moments, but this film has a slight chance of success over here but you need to be a Lemonite meaning- you are crude- you are lewd and you are a perv- no no - but you have to like gingers.

No sorry politically incorrect- strawberry Blonde. The film is a film- which garnered shocked me, it looks ravishing, its full of great reappearances of all the old Bo-Selecta troupe- it has many a faces that appear on his Panel show Celebrity juice and it is just a film full of spunk, gunk, money, crudity and Leigh F. doing what he can. it is creatively nuanced in such a way i have never seen, and this force is all down to the films director- Paul Angunawela who not only has a style and wit that entwines well is Francis's but it gives it a non status quo its just macguffin fun- the performances are just out of this world ludicrous- but the viewing I caught was echoed by all but my laughter- the jazzing, the spunking, the titaliciousness of Kelly Brooks- the absurdity is just highly strung and out of this platitude.

The music adds depth- songs boasting of lemons being a Dickhead- and all more its fun and brings a step within your grasp its deliberate on its way to try and jam all of Lemons idiosyncrasies but further more its brimming with an oddly delicious intelligence. Odd that!


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  • Zak-Lee-Ferguson • 4 years ago

    @skywise its modern- its from 07- now so you probably missed it- its a new up markety scehme briton is doing :L


    • Zak-Lee-Ferguson • 4 years ago

      @jayaottley Brighton but moved over to eastbourne about a year ago :) - what about you?


      • skywise • 4 years ago

        Great review. I am an American but my grams was from Wales so I did get to see a lot of UK films a tv growing up. Still havn't seen this one though.


        • jayaottley • 4 years ago

          Good review dude, have yet to watch it, despite it's doing fairly bad in my work place, but first I want to watch 'The Imposter' & 'Take This Waltz' then maybe I'll catch this.

          Good review though, btw what area of the UK are you in dude?


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