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A twisted, funny, high-octane adventure, director Matthew Vaughn brings Kick-Ass to the big screen.

Kick-Ass tells the story of average teenager Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), a comic-book fanboy who decides to take his obsession as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. As any good superhero would, he chooses a new name -- Kick-Ass -- assembles a suit and mask to wear, and gets to work fighting crime. There's only one problem standing in his way: Kick-Ass has absolutely no superpowers.

His life is forever changed as he inspires a subculture of copy cats, is hunted by assorted violent and unpleasant characters, and meets up with a pair of crazed vigilantes, including an 11-year-old sword-wielding dynamo, Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and her father, Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage).

Kick-Ass News
Kick-Ass 3 and Hit Girl Movie Plans ExplainedKick-Ass 3 and Hit Girl Movie Plans Explained
Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn reveals he is working on an idea for a Hit-Girl and Big Daddy prequel that will lead into Kick-Ass 3.
Kick Ass 3 Is Dead Due to Piracy Claims Chloe MoretzKick Ass 3 Is Dead Due to Piracy Claims Chloe Moretz
Chloe Moretz explains why she thinks online piracy is the reason we'll never see Kick Ass 3, saying she'll never play the role of Hit-Girl again.
2011 MTV Movie Awards Winners!
Check out the winners and celebrities that showed up for MTV's annual movie awards show.
The SUNDAY FUNNIES: Harry Potter's Literal Trailer and Kick-Ass Copycats in Seattle
We also take a look at a Wisconsin man who shot his TV with a shotgun after Dancing With the Stars and Ashton Kutcher punks TMZ.
Kick-Ass DVD and Blu-ray Dominates Home Video Charts
The Matthew Vaughn film was tops in DVD sales, rentals and Blu-ray sales.
EXCLUSIVE: Tarquin Pack Talks Kick-Ass on DVD and Blu-ray
The producer talks about working with Matthew Vaughn, his cast, the controversy surrounding the film and more.
EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Moretz Talks Kick-Ass on DVD and Blu-ray August 3rd
The young actress takes us behind-the-scenes of her breakout performance as Hit Girl.
EXCLUSIVE: Kick-Ass DVD and Blu-ray Interview with Mark Millar
The illustrious comic book writer brings his latest property home on August 3rd.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kick-Ass Blu-ray Special Feature Clip!
Get an early look inside Matthew Vaughn's DVD/BD which arrives August 3.
EXCLUSIVE: Clark Duke Speaks About Kick-Ass 2
The actor talks about a script he's working on with director Steve Pink.
Kick-Ass Brings the Fight to DVD and Blu-ray on August 3rd
We have all the details on this upcoming release plus a sneak peek at one of the special features.
Kick-Ass Sequel Being Readied for 2012 Release?
A press release for a new comic book venture sheds some light on the potential sequel.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Brand New Kick-Ass TV Spot!
Take a look at this new 15-second spot that you can't see anywhere else.
Kick-Ass Ends Up Winning Its First Week at the Box Office!
Revised numbers indicate the Matthew Vaughn film took in $19.8 million while How to Train Your Dragon took in $19.6 million.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: How to Train Your Dragon Flies Back to the Top with $20 Million
The animated dragon film fights it's way back to the top of the charts while Kick-Ass doesn't quite live up to it's name.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kick-Ass Cast Interview Featurette
Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Chloe Moretz take us behind the scenes of Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of the Mark Millar' comic book.
CONTEST: Win Huge Prizes from Kick-Ass!
We have posters, postcards, stickers and the CD soundtrack for the film to give away.
EXCLUSIVE: John Romita Jr. Is a Kick-Ass Artist!
The legendary comic book artist and co-creator of Kick-Ass discuses the film adaptation.
New Kick-Ass Clip Featuring Hit-Girl
Take another look at Chloe Moretz's character in the film.
Another Kick-Ass Red Band Clip Debuts
Take a look at Nicolas Cage's Big Daddy from the upcoming action flick.
Fourth Kick-Ass Clip Suits Up
Watch Aaron Johnson as the title character in this anticipated film.
Watch This Brand New Kick-Ass Clip!
The comic book adaptation opens in theaters April 16.
Fourth Kick-Ass Trailer Hits Hard!
Take a look at this brand new video from Matthew Vaughn's anticipated film.
New Kick-Ass Poster Wants You to Be a Superhero
We have a brand new poster that will be seen at the South by Southwest Film Festival.
4 New Kick-Ass Outdoor Posters Arrive
We also have some details on two new contests fans can enter for this film.
The 2nd Kick Ass Red Band Trailer Hits
Matthew Vaughn is bringing the pain with the new glimpse at this film.
Brand New Kick-Ass On-Set Video
Take a look at this new video with interviews from the set of Matthew Vaughn's film.
Brand New UK Kick-Ass Poster Brings Us More Hit Girl
Take a look at this new one-sheet featuring Chloe Moretz's character.
Mark Millar Talks About His Upcoming Superhero Film
The Kick-Ass and Wanted creator speaks about his directorial debut.
Brand New Kick-Ass International Red-Band Trailer Hits Hard
Take a look at a new international quad as well from this film.
2 New Kick-Ass Images Bring the Costumed Heroes
Take a look at these new images of Chloe Moretz and Nicolas Cage.
New Kick-Ass Magazine Cover Images Arrive
We have new images of Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz and Nicolas Cage.
Brand New Kick-Ass Poster Revealed
Take a look at this new comic-inspired one-sheet poster.
The 2nd Kick-Ass Trailer Brings Out the Superhero in You
Take a look at this brand new trailer for Matthew Vaughn's hot new film.
Kick-Ass Selected as South by Southwest's Opening Film
The Matthew Vaughn comic book adaptation will kick off the Austin festival.
Hit Girl's Kick-Ass Red Band Trailer!
Check out the restricted trailer featuring the potty mouthed 'Hit Girl.'
New Kick-Ass Poster Reveals Hit-Girl
Mindy Macready stars as the eleven-year-old assassin in Matthew Vaughn's upcoming comic book adaptation.
New Kick-Ass Clip and Poster Shows Us Big Daddy!
Take a look at this new one-sheet featuring Nicolas Cage and a new clip as well.
The Red Mist Is Set to Kick-Ass in New Poster!
Christopher Mintz-Plasse can't read minds in Matthew Vaughn's upcoming film.
New Kick-Ass Trailer and Poster Arrives
Take a look at Matthew Vaughn's upcoming comic-book adaptation.
Official Kick-Ass Website Launches and Gives Trailer Info!
The trailer for this highly-anticipated superhero film will drop in a mere eight days.
4 Kick-Ass Character Posters Unleashed!
Get a glimpse of Matthew Vaughn's newest action flick.
EXCLUSIVE: Tamer Hassan Breaks Out with Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead
The British actor talks about this new film, co-star Janet Montgomery and his work on Clash of the Titans and Kick-Ass.
Mark Millar Talks a Kick-Ass Sequel
The creator of the graphic novel reveals the end of the film teases a sequel.
Kick-Ass Comes to Theaters April 16, 2010
The Expendables will now be released August 20.
Kick-Ass Goes to Lionsgate
The upcoming Matthew Vaughn directed adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s popular comic finds a home.
The First Kick-Ass Trailer and Clip Arrive!
New footage from Matthew Vaughn's Mark Millar superhero adaptation will have you drooling with anticipation.
3 Studios Eye Kick-Ass
Lionsgate, Paramount and Universal to battle over Matthew Vaughn pic.
SDCC 2009: EXCL VIDEO: Kick-Ass Cast and Crew Interviews!
The director and the star chat about this upcoming Mark Millar adaptation.
SDCC 2009: Full Wednesday and Thursday Schedules!
Take a look at all the film and TV panels you can take in on the first day of the San Diego event.
Kick-Ass Footage to Premiere at Comic-Con 2009!
Take a look at a brand new image from the film plus Comic-Con panel details.
Buy the Kick-Ass Movie Book
Writer/director Matthew Vaughn's action-adventure stars Nicolas Cage.
Get a First Look at Kick-Ass's Hit Girl
Chloe Grace Moretz stars as the pre-teen assassin.
Nic Cage Discusses Kick-Ass, Sorcerer's Apprentice and Other Future Projects
The actor discusses the films coming up on his slate.
Cast and Crew of Kick-Ass Already Planning a Sequel
Christopher Mintz-Plasse says that talks about a second film are already in the works.
3 New Kick-Ass Images!
Take a look at Nicolas Cage and others in Matthew Vaughn's new film.
Go Behind the Scenes with the First Kick-Ass Set Report
Also, check out this picture of Kick-Ass and the Red Mist meeting for the first time!
New Kick-Ass Photos Online
You've gotta see the new images from this film.
Check Out 4 New Behind-the-Scenes Videos from Kick-Ass
Get a first look at Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse in costume!
Clark Duke Is Getting Ready to Kick-Ass Alongside McLovin
He'll reunite with his Superbad co-star in the adaptation of the Mark Millar comic.
Kick-Ass Creator Mark Millar Has a Set Report
The writer goes behind the scenes of this highly anticipated comic book adaptation.
Nicolas Cage Ready to Kick-Ass
Aaron Johnson and Lyndsy Fonseca also join the Matthew Vaughn project.
Matthew Vaughn Is Kick-Ass
Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Chloe Moretz cast in the comic adaptation.
Mark Millar's Kick-Ass Is Ready for Production
The writer says that casting has been completed for the project.
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