Kill Bill Vol. 2 Review

“Vol 2" Features More Of That Classic Tarantino Dialogue. More Dialogue Less Action. But On The Other Hand...”

September 16th, 2009

"Vol. 1" was fun and original. That usually what Tarantino's movies aim for. That's their target, to be as fun as possible, and they always hit that bulls-eye. The first volume in the "Kill Bill" films, was not perfect but was still enjoyable, fun, entertaining, and just an all around great film to watch. Now imagine "Vol. 2" having the same fun energy, and double it. Uma Thurman returns in her role. Yes it is HER role. As "The Bride", the woman who was massacred on her wedding day and lost her child. So she thought. She actually wasn't killed but still ended up in a coma, when she awoke, three years later, she began her search for Bill. Her former "boss". In the first flick she to kill two of the members of the "Deadly Viper Squad". Now she only has three more to go.

Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, and of course David Carradine are the remaining, and they are about to get hell. The film continues off right where we last left off, with that same familiar scene of Uma Thurman being shot in the head. It explains the wedding day, how Bill found her, and how they all got killed. It then of course comes back to present day as Thurman is driving her car, in a very classy, sexy, and very cool way, reminiscent of Film Noir, and talking about how Bill is the last one left. Of course it shows how the other two got killed but thats not even the fun part. The fun part is watching her and Gordon Liu go at it. A scene reminiscent of Luke and Yoda in the second Star Wars.

The acting, as always, is pitch perfect and "Vol. 2" benefits from having more of that classy Tarantino dialogue, a bit much at times, but none the less great. Uma Thurman once again takes control of practically the entire film and never lets go of it. Her role as "The Bride" is hers and only hers. She owns it and owns us every time we pop it into our DVD players. The rest of the cast is excellent as well, expecially Carradine, who gets more screen time than before. He's able to show off his skills a bit more in this film than he was in the first he was mostly a shadow hiding in the dark.

This movie also features those same great movie references which made the first one so memorable. This one features those same combinations of Spaghetti Westerns and anything Japanese. But "Vol. 2" seems more like the modern Kung Fu movie. While still violent and fun, it gives a sort of a newer feeling and is more of an original film, while also being a homage to the ones of the past. "Vol. 2" manages to be double the fun, double the talk, and just double the greatness than the first. The movie never lets you go, always keeps you entertained and intersting. Even at the end when she gets her daughter, and is actually happy for once. You still love her and shes still the bad ass. Cause you know after a long and tiring journey, which spanned all across the globe. You know that she finally got what she wanted. She "Killed Bill". Grade: A-


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