Killer Elite Review

“This Movie May Be Based On A True Story Or True Events But It Doesn't Matter Because You Will Not Really Care About The Story Or Any Of The Characters In The Movie.”

February 5th, 2012

Nobody is likable. Jason Statham takes a job killing former soldiers who killed a Muslim's sons during a war to save his friend (Robert De Niro) who took the job for a lot of money but failed. Clive Owen tries to protect the British soldiers.

Who is the good guy? Nobody is the good guy in this movie. Maybe the British soldiers are but the movie isn't about them, it's about watching Jason Statham fight Clive Owen in a couple of highly choreographed fights with a bunch of filler in between.

The filler could have been better if it was written & filmed like a heist movie but it wasn't. The fight scenes of course are well done & the only reason to bother watching this forgettable movie.

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