Killer Joe Reviews

  • Throws down a dare by expecting its audience to be the cool connoisseurs of the story's "comic" outrageousness, then rubbing viewers' faces in close-up scenes of brutality that reasonable people ought not to be able to watch.

    Lisa Schwarzbaum — Entertainment Weekly

  • Lurches from realism to corn-pone absurdism and exploitation-cinema surrealism.

    Manohla Dargis — New York Times

  • The bone-crunchingly violent film has luridly entertaining moments. But by its resolution, this sleazy Southern Gothic nightmare has simply gone off the rails.

    Claudia Puig — USA Today

  • The action and dialogue find the same squalid level in time for the climactic scene, the cruel humiliation of a central character.

    Mark Jenkins — Washington Post

  • It's as mean as a snake.

    Ty Burr — Boston Globe

  • Friedkin, a son of Chicago's working-class South Side who has swerved back and forth over the thin blue line of order and chaos throughout his career, is a fine fit to the material.

    Nick Pinkerton — Village Voice

  • "Killer Joe" offers us a sneering image of trailer-park Texas, in which everyone is stupid and amoral and trashier than their cluttered front yards.

    Elizabeth Weitzman — New York Daily News

  • "Killer Joe" is, at bottom-and I mean bottom-ugly and vile, not to mention dumb and clumsy.

    Joe Morgenstern — Wall Street Journal

  • Like a deep-fried Twinkie at the State Fair of Texas, Killer Joe is gooey, flavorful and bad for you. Dig in.

    Chris Vognar — Dallas Morning News

  • That everything should go wrong is no surprise, but the wrong turns are taken so viciously -- Gershon, in particular, is appallingly treated, in closeup -- that they lead the film, adapted from the play by Tracy Letts, to the brink of abusive farce.

    Anthony Lane — New Yorker

  • "Killer Joe" is one hell of a movie. It left me speechless. I can't say I loved it. I can't say I hated it.

    Roger Ebert — Chicago Sun-Times

  • The film harks back to the low-budget chamber pieces of Friedkin's early career, and he creates a perfect storm of montage and character interplay within a confined space, which culminates in a disturbing loss of humanity.

    Drew Hunt — Chicago Reader

  • Killer Joe is twisted pulp, and the actors chew on it bravely, boldly, and with varying degrees of success.

    Steven Rea — Philadelphia Inquirer

  • You will either love "Killer Joe" or run away screaming. I absorbed this NC-17 nail bomb with awestruck admiration.

    Colin Covert — Minneapolis Star Tribune

  • If you like your movies filled with twisted humor, sexual perversion, psychological intimidation and sudden violence, "Killer Joe" is the flick for you.

    Tom Long — Detroit News

  • [Friedkin] has retained his touch ... all these years later. And in Matthew McConaughey, he has the perfect vehicle for madness.

    Bill Goodykoontz — Arizona Republic

  • It sends you home reeling, but wondering what the point of it was, and why so many worthwhile people bothered to do it in the first place.

    Rex Reed — New York Observer

  • A sleazy and pointless film about sleazy and pointless people, "Killer Joe" reminds us that what Quentin Tarantino does isn't easy.

    Kyle Smith — New York Post

  • If y'all like your comedy with a Lone Star drawl and as black as Texas tea, then by all means tuck right into Killer Joe.

    Bruce Demara — Toronto Star

  • Less about storytelling than depravity ...

    Laremy Legel —

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