Killers Review

“Bored To Death”

July 9th, 2010

'Killers' is dim, dull, dense and dumb as hell. This isn't even all! There is no humor that will make you want to laugh. It's a one note joke throughout the film. Sometimes I think to myself if this was just a comedy or a comedy/slasher? Not meaning like a horror film!

I mean slasher as unreasonable murder involved with no plot, no reason, and no point to it. That's another meaning for the word slasher is unreasonable killing in a movie in my opinion, anyways. I'd like to talk about the film's senseless plotless plot before I give the rest of my thoughts on this.

Jen (Katherine Heigl) takes a vacation to France with her parents and meets an agent killer (Ashton Kutcher) and get married a few years later. Then all their friends they know began to pull out guns and try to kill the couples with no reason. The entire neighborhood is against them from to friendly to enemies with any reason.

Pointless plot wouldn't you say? That's the thing I hated the most about this was it had no plot to it. That's not the only thing making this movie bad. Another thing that makes it bad is Katherine Heigl's poor acting, but when does she act right in her roles?

Then when she screams it's more of screeching eek that'll make you almost go deaf. Katherine's scream will give you a long ringing sound inside of your ear for hours. Then you would be able to know what's going on in the movie, but that's probably a good thing.

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