King Arthur


Historians have thought for centuries that King Arthur was only a myth, but the legend was based on a real hero, torn between his private ambitions and his public sense of duty. A reluctant leader, Arthur (Owen) wishes only to leave Britain and return to the peace and stability of Rome. Before he can, one final mission leads him and his Knights of the Round Table - Lancelot, Galahad, Bors, Tristan, and Gawain - to the conclusion that when Rome is gone, Britain will need a leader to fill the vacuum. Britain needs a king - someone not only to defend against the current threat of invading Saxons, but to lead the isle into a new age. Under the guidance of Merlin, a former enemy, and the beautiful, courageous Guinevere (Knightley) by his side, Arthur will have to find the strength within himself to change the course of history

Buena Vista Home Entertainment Announces Their Blu-ray DVD Slate for April

For Blu-ray the hits just keep coming!

Buena Vista Worldwide Home Entertainment (BVWHE) today announced their slate of Blu-ray Disc® releases for April 2007, all of which are presented on the newest high definition 50 GB disc. Titles will include King Arthur and G.I. Jane, which will be in stores on April 3, and Deja Vu and The Queen, available on April 24. Most Blu-ray(TM) titles from BVWHE will be available for $34.99 SRP.

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CONTEST: Win a signed ‘King Arthur’ poster!

Movie PictureKing Arthur: We're giving away a poster from King Arthur signed by the cast to one lucky MovieWeb reader! 5 runner-ups will be chosen to take home unsigned copies as well.

CLICK HERE to enter the contest!

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AGENT ORANGE: Keira Knightly & Jerry Bruckheimer Talk About ‘King Arthur’!

AGENT ORANGE: Keira Knightly & Jerry Bruckheimer Talk About ‘King Arthur’!

Knightly: Hello, you...

O: Okay, what's up with you and the uncomfortable costumes?

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CONTEST: Win Jerry Bruckheimer DVDs in honor of ‘King Arthur’!

Movie PictureKing Arthur: Hitting theaters on July 7th, the Jerry Bruckheimer produced action / adventure flick, King Arthur, hit theaters. The film stars Clive Owen, Stephen Dillane, and Keira Knightley.

In honor of it's release we're giving our readers a chance to take home some other Bruckheimer produced cinema with a spectacular new giveaway!

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The final ‘King Arthur’ poster shows up online!

Movie PictureKing Arthur:Latino Review has posted the final one sheet for Touchstone Pictures' upcoming epic, King Arthur, starring Clive Owen, Stephen Dillane, and Keira Knightley. The film hits theaters on July 7th.

CLICK HERE for a high resolution look at the poster!

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Ioan Gruffud talk about the KING ARTHUR production

Despite the grueling hours and bumps and bruises he acquired, Gruffudd has nothing but fond memories of the production, directed by Antoine Fuqua: "It was great fun to shoot." Right now, the actor of "Horatio Hornblower" and "Titanic" fame is deep into work on CBS' March 16-debuting big-budget, futuristic "Century City" - about a law office in the year 2030. Hector Elizondo and Nestor Carbonell are also in the cast of the Paul Attanasio drama that tackles legal issues of the future, such as parents suing a doctor for withholding critical results of their unborn child's genetic mapping. As for its prospects for becoming a hit?

King Arthur was released July 7th, 2004.

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We've got your first look at the first one sheet posters for 2 upcoming 2004 films! Click on either image to take a look at the high resolution version.

CLICK HERE for a larger look.

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2 new images from THE VILLAGE & KING ARTHUR

The Village & King Arthur: Coming Soon! has scanned 2 new images from the latest issue of Empire Magazine showcasing M. Night Shyamalan and Adrian Brody of the set of The Village, and a horsebacked rider from King Arthur.

CLICK HERE to check them out!

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