King Kong


Jackson will bring his sweeping cinematic vision to the iconic story of the gigantic ape-monster captured in the wilds and brought to civilization where he meets his tragic fate. The screenplay by Jackson, Walsh and Boyens is based on the original story by Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace, which became the classic 1933 RKO Radio Pictures film, directed by adventurers Cooper and Ernest B. Schoesdack. Jackson will employ the latest motion picture technology to cinematically portray the timeless tale of the beast and his beauty. He will expand on the chapters of the tale that take place in the mysterious and dangerous jungles of Skull Island, and his Kong promises to be a unique and breathtaking creation.

‘King Kong’ Will Roar on Blu-ray on January 20th

You can enjoy this gigantic remake in high definition this January. King Kong will be released on Blu-ray on January 20. We don't have any cover art or pricing details at this time, but we'll surely update this story as soon as we have more information. The disc will include both the theatrical and extended versions of the movie. The film stars Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody and Andy Serkis performing the motion-capture for the title character.

It is 1933, and vaudeville actress Ann Darrow (NAOMI WATTS) has found herself -- like so many other New Yorkers during the Great Depression -- without the means to earn a living. Unwilling to compromise and allow herself to sink into a career in burlesque, she considers her limited options while aimlessly wandering the streets of Manhattan. When her hunger drives her to unsuccessfully try to steal an apple from a fruit vendor's stall, she is rescued -- literally -- by filmmaker and multiple hyphenate Carl Denham (JACK BLACK).

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‘King Kong: Deluxe Extended Edition’ Stomps on to DVD November 14

Movie PictureNovember 14 will be a special day in the world of DVD as King Kong: Deluxe Extended Edition stomps on to DVD!

Thirteen additional minutes of epic adventure, exotic creatures and awesome visual effects make King Kong: Deluxe Extended Edition the definitive version of Peter Jackson's (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) must-see, must-have action adventure epic. Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody and Jack Black star in the thrilling story of a legendary gorilla living on a treacherous island who is captured and brought to civilization by an unscrupulous filmmaker.  Exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses provided by Jackson and his crew give fans an unprecedented window into the sweeping cinematic vision that makes the King Kong: Deluxe Extended Edition a spectacular film experience that movie lovers will not want to miss.

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‘Waterworld’ Splashes it's Way to HD-DVD November 14

The format war is still raging as HD-DVD has started to bring out the big artillery.

In a story from The Digital Bits, Universal is going to be unleashing Waterworld, The Hulk and Peter Jackson's King Kong on HD-DVD November 14th.

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COMIC-CON 2006: Universal Reveals the ‘King Kong’ Deluxe Extended Edition DVD!

Not happy with the existance of an extended King Kong DVD an a detailed production diary dvd gift box? Worry not, as your thirst for giant monkey insanity has been quenched with the torrential waterfall that is ANOTHER King Kong DVD!

They showed a DVD trailer displaying many new shots of action, bugs and Peter Jackson in a mo-cap suit hitting pillows with a stick.

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‘King Kong: Deluxe Extended Edition’ to Hit Stores November 14

Peter Jackson can't seem to do anything small so why should a new DVD of King Kong be any different?

The regular version will sell for $34.98 and the gift box will cost $79.98. No other details about what would be in the gift box were currently available.

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‘King Kong’ Stays On Top of Sales & Rental Charts

King Kong easily swung to the top of the DVD sales and rental charts the week ending April 2, powered by first-week sales that Universal Studios Home Entertainment put at 6.5 million units.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kong pounded second-ranked Memoirs of a Geisha, from Sony Pictures, on VideoScan's First Alert DVD sales chart by a margin of nearly 5-to-1. On Home Media Retailing's rental chart for the week, however, the gap was narrower, with Kong pulling in an estimated rental revenue of $6.4 million-$5.9 million for Geisha, which earned 26% as much at the boxoffice as the ape-gone-wild movie.

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‘King Kong’ Sells 6.5 Million Units in its First Week of Release

King Kong ascended to extraordinary heights in its first six days in release, selling more than 6.5 million DVDs, the largest six-day performance in Universal Studios history. Fans snatched the blockbuster adventure film off shelves, generating $100 million in consumer spending for the Universal Studios Home Entertainment release.

The spectacular first-week DVD sales continue "King Kong's" astonishing commercial success as the studio's fourth-highest grossing film in the studio's 94-year history. To date, the film has amassed approximately $550 million in ticket sales worldwide, following on the heels of Jurassic Park, "E.T." and The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

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CONTEST: Take Home a ‘King Kong’ DVD!

Movie PictureOn DVD March 28thIn celebration of today's release of King Kong on DVD, we're giving away copies to some lucky readers!

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