King Kong


An expedition exploring a remote island capture a gigantic ape and bring him back to New York for exhibition. A beautiful actress who accompanies them is menaced when the monster's love for her causes him to break out.

‘King Kong’ Makes Its Blu-ray Debut on September 28th

You can bring home the original 1933 beloved classic in high definition for the first time this September. King Kong will make it's debut on the Blu-ray format on September 28. This new BD set will be priced at $34.99 SRP and will come in the Digibook format with a 32-page book filled with photos, trivia and more. This newly-remastered film will also contain new footage that wasn't shown in its 1933 original run and the 1956 theatrical re-release as well. The film stars Robert Armstrong, Fay Wray and Bruce Cabot.

Robert Armstrong stars as movie producer Carl Denham who travels to a mysterious, uncharted island in search of material for his next film. Also aboard are unemployed actress Ann Darrow (Fay Wray) and adventurer Jack Driscoll (Bruce Cabot). Once the crew reaches Skull Island they discover it is home to prehistoric beasts including Kong, a giant ape who becomes obsessed with the crew's blonde starlet. King Kong teems with memorable moments, from the audience's first glance at the giant ape to his last stand atop the Empire State Building.

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CONTEST: Win ‘King Kong: 2-Disc Collector's Edition’ DVD Tin!

Movie PictureIn celebration of the recent release of the King Kong Two-Disc Special Edition DVD, we're giving away copies to some lucky MovieWeb readers!

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Warner Bros. working on restoring ‘King Kong’

According to Variety, by the time Universal releases Peter Jackson's vision of King Kong on Dec. 14, the first DVD edition of the original 1933 pic is expected to be on store shelves. Except it won't have a Universal logo on it.

In the runup to the release of its monster-mash Van Helsing last summer, U tried a similar gambit, releasing "Legacy Collection" editions of the classic Frankenstein, Wolf Man, and Dracula pics that had inspired helmer Stephen Sommers.

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Classic ‘King Kong’ star Fay Wray dies

King Kong was released April 7th, 1933.

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