Laid to Rest Review

“No Way! I'm Not Getting Murdered Tonight, Thanks. I Got A Funeral Tomorrow! I Got Stuff To Do!”

September 30th, 2012

This has to be one of the best straight to DVD horror films released to date. Not the best independent horror, might I say for the record, but when it comes to movies that did not even get a limited release, just straight to DVD, this has to be one of the best there is. Not only did it create a new horror icon, (named Chromeskull) that can possibly even be made into a "Versus" movie one day (Chromeskull Vs Freddy, Chromeskull Vs Jason), but it has decent film qualities, like lighting and a seemingly decent production value. On top of high quality extreme gore effects. Seriously though, the gore is fantastic in this movie. Not only in high quantity, but also high quality.

The film is about a girl who wakes up in a coffin, in a morgue, which is out in some hick town with no one around, especially police (perfect setting, right?) and remembers nothing, not even her own name; she even forgets the names for objects (which is actually kind of annoying). She stumbles around until she meets up with some people she makes friends with, and tries to figure out what the heck is going on. All she knows is some guy in a chromed-skull mask and a shoulder-mounted video camera is chasing her. The film told and takes place all in a single night.

What works really well about this film, are all the little things that make the killer Chromeskull so mysterious. You really want to know more about this guy, why he is doing this. Even the subtle things like, why does he have two phones? If he's just some random guy, why does he have all this equipment? And it is hard to explain, but I'll explain further on my Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 review. But for now I"ll just say the sequel does a great job of explaining Chromeskull.

The acting is really the film's only downfall. It is not horrible, but definitely not... Good. I have seen worse in most straight to DVD films, but the main character leaves something to be desired. She acts almost TOO dumb, when all she did was lose her memory. On top of that, a lot of her lines are said poorly. The other main actors are actually pretty good though. They have better character development than the main girl, in fact. You really care for these characters. They seem like good people for going out of their way to help the poor girl, and you really root for them, because you don't want to see them die. Unfortunately, they are all unknowns, so using their names would have been pointless.

The writer/director is Robert Hall. I already, right off the bat, have huge respect for the guy because he also was one of the producers, and editors. This was like HIS own film, which he did most everything for, unlike mainstream movies where one person writes, one directs, etc. Robert Hall did everything independently to try to make HIS baby as good, gory and awesome as possible. He did a damn good job with all that on his shoulders. He manages to have a fairly logical script, and good directing skills. My other complaint (on top of the acting) is some editing is poor. Like one or two scenes feel as though they're missing a split second (or a cut) or two that would have made the quick death scene look better.

As I said before, the gore effects make for some seriously intense visuals. This film is crazy gory, and trust me on this. However, on top of the gore, the lighting is good, and visible, even though the film is shot at night. Along with everything else visually about the film.

Definitely see this movie if you are a horror fan of any kind. If you like gore, or slasher films this should be at the top of your list.


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