Last Vegas Review

“These Red Bull/vodkas Are Strange. I Feel Like I'm Getting Drunk And Electrocuted At The Same Time!”

November 7th, 2013

Last Vegas is a 2013 comedy-drama movie.

Directed by: Jon Turteltaub.

Starring: Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline and Mary Steenburgen.

The rumors are true! This is The Bucket List meets The Hangover. Where the latter stands, this edition of the Vegas chronicles succeed where the last two Hangover sequels failed. In this story we follow four best friends 58 years later after we witness their younger days. Billy (Douglas) recently lost a mentor of his and during the funeral, accidentally lets slip that life is too short and that his current girlfriend (half his senior, mind you) should be his wife. Making this proposal of all places sparked him to reunite with his three other friends, Paddy (De Niro), Archie (Freeman) and Sam (Kline) to head out to Vegas for the weekend and celebrate his bachelor party. And boy, it couldn't have come at a better time.

Sure, a movie set in Vegas is that age old fantasy for us young people to take in and experience when the income and time is made available. But, for guys like Sam and Archie, they don't have that kind of time anymore. Poor Sam is stuck in Florida with his wife of God knows how many years, stuck in pool aerobics (or whatever you call it) and chucking down prescription pills like no tomorrow in need of an escape. Then you have Archie, who after suffering a mild stroke is being guarded and round the clock watched by his son to make sure it never happens again, meaning he can't lift heavy objects (not even his granddaughter) and basically is treated like a child all the time. Our third party member is a depressed Paddy whose wife passed away a few years and is stuck in a limbo. He also hates Billy. So, you can see where there is a necessity for these old farts to get away from their less than exciting lives and have a last "hurrah!"

Straight to the point, the real stars that carry this movie with the best laughs are Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman. Both have an electricity of fresh interactions on screen that makes the Wolfpack in need of practice. De Niro and Douglas offer the sense of drama that comes often times childish to the point where you almost ask if it is worth destroying a friendship over. But we are men and we fight over almost everything. At the same time, we look out for each other, for better or worse. It becomes a heartfelt ride through Sin City to an inevitable realization. It reflects on a life already lived where one can't lie to themselves anymore and owe it to themselves to improve the first the day of the rest of their lives. Of course, what's a vegas movie without a love interest? Mary Steenburgen plays a love interest that I won't spoil too much, but only point out that she knock it out of the park as a woman men of all ages might kill for a night out of town.

Overall, Last Vegas is as much a fun ride for the actors as it is for the audience. They may be old, but they have enough class and wittiness to capture the attention of the uninitiated.

Written by: Bawnian©-Dexeus.


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