Last Vegas Review

“Last Vegas Has Tons Of Laughs For The Older Crowds, But Will Mostly Only Satisfy That Core Audience. Instead The Gags Are Truly Washed Up, The Jokes Are Unfunny And It Just Does Not Work The Way It's Supposed To.”

November 5th, 2013

Well, Halloween is finally over and that usually only means one thing, let the slew of holiday films begin. However, this film may not meet the criteria for your normal "festive" film. Although it is festive in its own way. Last Vegas a film pretty much design to its core as an "elderly" hangover about a bunch of men in their sixties, having a bachelor party in Vegas. Now nobody gets lost and nobody steals a cop-car. But with the incredible talent of Micheal Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline, you would think we have something spectacular on our hand. The tagline reads "It's Going To Be Legendary" a bitter irony, cause in fact its simply quite the opposite. All the performances felt like they were phoned in and they simply did not care. All the truly funny material the film actually had was showcased front and center in the film's ads and trailers, so of course there never was anything to truly laugh at. The real show-steal-er this time around belongs to Kevin Kline, which I can't remember the last time I saw him in a comedy. But Douglas, De Niro and Freeman are merely just there and at time I felt like I was a melodramatic comedy then an actual comedy.

The film opens up with Pattie (De Niro), Archie (Freeman), Sam (Kline) and Billy (Douglas). Back in the 1950's, fast forward a few years (58 to be exact) and Billy is getting married, to a women half his age. Hell bent on getting the gang back together so they can have a fun-filled weekend they will probably forget, or at least the audience will. Last Vegas, suffers from very generic cliches that these films typically suffer from. Its kind of sad just how predictable some of the material actually is and when you are laughing, it feels like more of a chore than anything. I mean sure I laughed here and there, but I never truly laughed as much as I wanted too. I did enjoy all the cracks about old age, certain jokes, that probably only my grandmother would enjoy. For the film's audience and its target demographic (over 40 years old) this film will most likely be feel good and leave them wanting more, but for the kids who know and have seen The Hangover, this film will probably do nothing for you.

The chemistry between the leads was impressive and all these Oscar winners looked like they were having a fun time, looked like. I can't say I had as much as they did, but I supposed it helps with the audience. The script in a sense is a little mopey. Some of the plot elements were cheesy and of course predictable - just like the whole film. I could almost guess at any given moment what was about to happen. But as I said, for my demographic (Under 25) Last Vegas probably won't due for you, what it will for its actual audience. The idea for an older version of the Hangover is clever, and with the combined star power of all these talented actors the box office numbers should be healthy and the film should have a lengthy run at the box office.

Overall, Last Vegas is a one liner every now and again. It's a one-two punch and its over. None of the actors ever truly shine and they never get the comedic attention they so deserve, instead reverting to pointless acts of comedy to try and make you laugh and at times it works, but then again you can't help but just shake your head. As I stated earlier it did not help that all the good material was shown in the previews. So if you somehow managed to miss some of the advertisements then perhaps this film maybe for you. But aside from a good gag, I can barley suggest this movie. The laughs just aren't consistent and when they are, they just aren't laugh out loud. For the older crowd this is probably the perfect comedy I can envision for you, for the younger crowd, treed lightly.


By: Nate Adams

Rated: PG13

Run-Time: 110 mins

Directed By: Jon Turtletaub

Release Date: November 1st

Studio: CBS Films

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