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The first in a series of four Lethal Weapons. Mel Gibson plays an emotionally off-balanced undercover cop. His partner, Danny Glover, is good valued family man. The two opposite personalities become embroiled in a series of tense and exciting situations.

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Lethal Weapon TV Show Is Happening at FoxLethal Weapon TV Show Is Happening at Fox
Chuck executive producer Matt Miller will write the pilot for a TV series based on the Lethal Weapon franchise.
Chris Hemsworth to Star in Lethal Weapon Reboot from Fast & Furious Director?Chris Hemsworth to Star in Lethal Weapon Reboot from Fast & Furious Director?
The project is said to be a hybrid of a sequel and a remake, following Riggs' son as he tries to follow in his father's footsteps as a cop.
Lethal Weapon Remake Moving Forward at Warner Bros.
The studio is also considering remakes of The Wild Bunch, Westworld, The Dirty Dozen, Tarzan and Oh, God!
Warner Bros. to Release 15 HD Titles in Europe
Lethal Weapon and Goodfellas to make their way across the pond.
Warner Bros. Announces Upcoming HD-DVD and Blu-ray Slate
Studio also has plans for some highly popular TV on DVD properties.
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