Liberty Heights (1999)

Liberty Heights Poster
Release Date
Barry Levinson
Adrien Brody, Ben Foster, Orlando Jones, Bebe Neuwirth, Joe Mantegna, Rebekah Johnson

Liberty Heights Synopsis

It is Baltimore in 1954 and everything is changing.And in this year, the Kurtzman family develops a newly heightened understanding of what it means to be Jewish in a rapidly growing world, keeping Ben(Ben Foster) and his curious friends, Sheldon (Evan Neumann) and Murray (Gerry Rosenthall), on the other side of the fence because they're Jewish. Soon after, Ben's high-school class integrates its first black student, a self-assured young lady named Sylvia (Rebekah Johnson). Ben is irresistibly attracted to her and, although Sylvia's father, a doctor, forbids them to meet socially, the two become very close. Ben and Sylvia explore their religious, social and racial differences and begin to break down social rules and stereotypes.

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