Life of Pi Review

“Exuberant, Flamboyant Pyschological Drama With Finesse Adaption”

January 28th, 2013

Directed by Ang Lee

Starring Suraj Sharma, Irfan Khan and Tabu


Ang Lee adapts the book Life of Pi, by Yann Martel into a riveting drama with whole new life containing creatures of various kinds, (thank god believable) a great storm attack with rustling depth, tense scenes along with psychological relation established between a boy and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Lee ensures no stone left unturned as he converted the tale into a breath taking drama with his augmented skills enriched with writing from David Magee. The film sets on the story tale. Hence viewers, who have not read the book, will agree the fact that Ang Lee has done a great job. People, who have read the book, will leave home with a gentle smile. Life of Pi sets the theme to a riveting drama where a teenage boy who learns to train with zoo animals faces a breath taking adventure with few animal friends and the great thing here is the royal tiger Richard Parker. A derivative theme with well established visuals and narrative ensures Life of Pi is a film with standards. Suraj and Richard Parker share the best on screen chemistry that touches heart and has its strong presence. Suraj Sharma does a great job of a daring teen to establish a relation with his old friend Richard Parker. The striking example in Life of Pi is one cannot believe Richard Parker to be a CGI creature. Another thing that works in Life of Pi is sparkling visual cinematography that captures the beauty of exotic locales in Pacific. Shot in 3D, nothing can go wrong here.

Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma/ Irfan Khan) is a flamboyant teen with interest in animals. His father has a zoo. They hail from Pondicherry. On some business issues, they leave for Canada on a Japanese ship where the wreck occurs due to a storm later being investigated. In a life boat with handful of biscuits and papers, Pi gets a journey of a life time with three animals, a hyena, a zebra and an orangutan. But Pi meets Richard Parker that makes an entrance as special guest. He forces himself into a small rift away from the boat many nights and days to escape until he decides to train Richard Parker. A violent storm comes in way as Pi works hard to save his only friend he has with him on board. Ang Lee brings a psychological relation with inertness in the background to establish chemistry between boy and the tiger. Though Richard Parker is a CGI, I never hesitated to lose my interest. The roar, the gusty training exercise and funThe reason is that, film always look It takes some time to go smooth. But as time goes, the Life of Pi brings in charm, happiness and also emotions to right proportions to make the journey a seamless joy. Some of the tone in the film sets standards in visual direction and the gigantic ship wreck brings back the memories of Titanic, if made in 2012. The training scenes and the rules to avoid sea sickness bring the necessity depth to the story as the whole latter depends on the troubled tiger and the boy. The great chemistry exists in the animal-human bondage shown in the film that last for near half. Greatly acted, pleasantly written, Life of Pi is an emotional heartwarming tale adapted to perfection enriched with 3D visuals to the best level with finesse and exuberance.

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