Limitless Review

“The Brain Is A Weapon Of Limitless Thoughts. It Can Be Our Best Ally Or Our Worst Enemy.”

March 20th, 2011

Limitless is a 2011 American techno-thriller film.

Directed by Neil Burger.

Starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, and Robert De Niro.

Based on the book The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn and screenplay by Leslie Dixon.

After reading a couple of reviews, I was a little worried the film might blow up in my face and disappoint me, but I had to judge for myself and luckily it passed my expectations. Limitless was a smart, funny, and fun ride.

The film is about an individual named Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), a poor writer living in, well what do you know, New York city. Practically a lazy bum that is unable to focus on his goals for more than a minute. His lack of responsibility causes a break up between him and his girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish). Along the way he meets with an old friend and is offered and opportunity to change his life around, with the power of a single pill. That's right, a pill. commonly known as NZT. It contains the necessary elements to unlocking the entire human cerebral capabilities. Leading to the peak the film, he is soon employed to work for a powerful businessman Carl Von Loon (Robert DeNiro). Along the way he turns into a modern day Einstein, but broader in the fields of Language, Arts, and Literature, other than just Science and Math. His new abilities do come with a price, both villainous and physically damaging.

There's no such thing as a magic pill to solve our problems. Either with weight problems or trying to pass the SAT's. Even so, Limitless utilizes such a theory of exploring the entire human brain and the boundless capabilities that are untapped. I rather enjoyed it but I wouldn't be interested in having the opportunity of using all of my brain power. It wouldn't really be fun at all. What would be the point of everyone being equally smart? There wouldn't be a point to having tests. Not a bad idea for that area. Nevertheless, life would just be boring. No competition amongst your peers? Pass. Oh! Pass on the pill, not the movie.

Let's move to the actors:

Bradley Cooper: I must say that he impressed me. Playing the role of a worthless excuse for a human to a cerebral Adonis. I don't think I would have had a chamnce eating up that script the way he did. He didn't bore me one bit during the first few minutes of the film or the last or even in between. He's quickly turning into a chameleon, expanding in his genre and characters.

Abbie Cornish: Well, not much I can say about her. I really haven't noticed anything good about her in any other film, or maybe in the films I've seen that she's been invisible to me. However, she will be starring in Zack Snyder's epic fantasy film Sucker Punch so I'll reserve my judgement on her until I witness her as Sweat Pea.

Robert De Niro: Not quite the menace of the movie, but gives off a similar vibe. While I still miss those unforgettable character roles from Godfather, Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, playing a power house corporate player was still enjoyable and the usual De Niro. Getting trumped by Bradley Cooper was not welcomed happily by dad after watching the film, but hey, I'm not complaining. De Niro played the rich businessman splendidly. I'm surprised he didn't get the last laugh though.

Andrew Howard (the Russian loan shark/mobster): Now, bare with me. I wasn't expecting much out of this actor. But his reoccurring role in the film just made it more enjoyable and turns into an unexpected evil pawn.

I liked the use of cinematography. Dull grey representing Eddie Morra's crappy life style and state of mind, a and bright switch of the bulb representing a more intelligent persona. Good work team.

Knowledge is but a treasure. It's value is priceless. It would be terrible to loose. It may sound like we only use 10%-20 % of our brain power, but in my opinion, we really use 100% of it. we just use it in different methods. Some use it with math, others in science, literature, etc...

Overall, it made me wonder just what our limits are to our mental capacity. If you want to see something different this year, Limitless is your drug.


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