Looper Review

"This Time Travel Crap Just Fries Your Brain Like An Egg..."

Well, this is a great example of a disappointing movie. It is getting such high reviews, and everyone seems to love it. It started out so amazing. Such a brilliant story, great acting, phenomenal casting choices, and tricky camerawork/cinematography. However, there is a breaking point when it appears as though screenwriter/director Rihan Johnson just stopped and got sloppy. I feel like maybe he had a deadline for the script, and he had to meet it, so he threw some things in there that did not need to be. How I will construct this review, will be mentioning all the good things first, and then the bad at the end. I'll write my review backwards then I usually would.

Visually, this movie is very cool I enjoyed the cinematography, involving some very cool shots, and sweet editing, as well as special effects. They took full advantage of this, and did not make it too over-the-top with the skills the director and editor obviously had. Another thing, visually, would be the make up. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, and does Bruce Willis plays "Old Joe" from the future. Now, for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, they added makeup to make him look like Bruce Willis. Overall, I felt the makeup was amazing. But every once in a while, I felt they over did the makeup, causing him to look extremely fake. Which is why I cannot give the movie visually 5 stars.

The acting by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis are pitch-perfect. They play well off of each other when they meet up, and even act like each other prior to their meeting, and when they're apart. Besides them though, I enjoyed all the co-stars very much. They seemed to take their jobs seriously. My only complaint was the child actor towards the end, but hey. He's a child actor, so I did not expect too much. But I still felt he not only looked dorky (forgive me for being rude like that), but he acted as so too.

Now, the story is so amazing, I had a small feeling in the back of my head that they could not reach it's full potential, with being how awesome the story is. Looper is about a small group of people cleverly called "loopers" who are sent a person from the future, who they must kill for whatever reason. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is sent his future self! Which he accidentally lets get away. So now, he must find his future self and try to re-gain his status back at the company for which he works for. But his future self has a goal of his own. Which is kill the man who killed his wife, and sent him back in time to be killed. This is such a complex plot, they should have hired a more skilled, and experienced writer to do it.

Now, the film starts out brilliant. There is sadly a point in this movie, where it simply starts going down hill, down and down, until now we are left with a sloppy mess that adds things is should not have added, and barley foreshadowed at all. It went directions it should not have, and basically left out Old Joe (Bruce WIllis I mean) for a so long, you almost forget what the main plot of the movie is about. I will not give examples, but honestly, it made no sense. I was expecting further development with the story line, but instead it seemingly stops for a while, and when it picks up again, you're just too damn confused and uninterested as to what all this filler means, you just don't care anymore. Or at least that's how it was for me. Maybe you will think differently, and agree with the rest of the reviews on this site. But I was immensely disappointed.

Just as a little side note, before I go, I do not wish to get into any fights with the people who think this movie is amazing. I respect your opinions, and do not wish to fight you about how good you think this movie is. Hope you enjoyed my review, and take on this movie. My final word is wait for DVD.

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