Lost Boys 4

The saga of the Frog Brothers continues in this forth installment of the popular home video franchise based on the 1987 hit film The Lost Boys. While plot details are under wraps, it is suspected that legendary vampire hunters Edgar and Allan Frog will be facing off against werewolves, and that we will see the return of Laddie from the original film.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Lost Boys 4’ Not Happening Yet Says Corey Feldman

Director/leading man Alexander Loy and his co-star Corey Feldman are enjoying a serendipitous moment of perfect timing, as the premiere of their upcoming comedy Operation Belvis Bash, which depicts a successful undercover mission to kill Osama Bin Laden, ended on Sunday moments before Osama's actual death was announced to the world.

We recently caught up with Alexander Loy and Corey Feldman to talk about the surreal strangeness that has invaded their lives the last few days, and in the process, we also managed to get an update on Lost Boys 4! According to Feldman, Warner Bros. has not yet greenlit this potential sequel. Though, he remains hopeful that it will eventually get made sometime in the very near future.

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‘Lost Boys 4’ and TV Series Coming Soon

Warner Premiere is close to announcing Lost Boys 4, the latest adventure in the on-going saga of The Frog Brothers (Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander).

A TV series featuring The Frog Brothers is also in development, although plot details for both the upcoming sequel and this weekly show have not been divulged. Since these projects are very close to being officially announced, expect full details in the near future.

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EXCLUSIVE: Corey Feldman Gives ‘Lost Boys 4’ Update!

http://movieweb.com/movie/lost-boys-4/ Corey Feldman discusses in further length the chances of a fourth chapter in the popular vampire seriesCory Feldman is single handedly putting the bite back into the vampire flick! The actor, who first played vampire hunter Edgar Frog in the classic '80s film The Lost Boys, returned in 2008 to the role he originated with the long awaited sequel, Lost Boys: The Tribe. While the film was less than well received by hardcore fans, and Feldman's part was somewhat marginalized in the movie, he reprised his role once again in the franchise's more successful third chapter, Lost Boys: The Thirst, which was released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 5th.

The film featured the long-awaited full-length return of Edgar and Alan Frog, A.K.A. the Frog Brothers, played by Feldman and Jamison Newlander, respectively. With mostly positive reviews from its fans, sales of the Lost Boys: The Thirst DVD and Blu-ray have been quite good in its first month of release, which begs the question: Will there be a Lost Boys 4?

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EXCLUSIVE: Corey Feldman Talks ‘Lost Boys 4’!

http://movieweb.com/movie/lost-boys-4/ Corey Feldman Talks Lost Boys 4 Fans of the classic '80s vampire film The Lost Boys waited over twenty years for the return of the franchise, only to be somewhat disappointed by Lost Boys: The Tribe. Which barely featured any members of the original cast. That will all change with Lost Boys: The Thirst, available on DVD and Blu-ray beginning October 5th, which features the long-awaited full-length return of Edgar and Alan Frog, A.K.A. the Frog Brothers, played by Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander.

While Feldman reprised his role in Lost Boys: The Tribe, Edgar was reduced to a supporting character, actor Corey Haim (who played Sam Emerson in the original) was relegated to a bit part in the closing credits and Newlander's scene was cut all together, and can only be seen in an alternate ending available on the DVD. Last year we spoke to Feldman and he announced that Lost Boys: The Thirst would feature the return of the Frog Brothers with both Feldman and Newlander reprising their roles, but that Haim would not be involved.

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