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The Lost Boys: The Thirst brings back to the screen the Vampire-slaying Frog brothers on a quest to save Peter Lieber, a young boy, from a gang of night crawlers. Set in modern day San Cazador, a sleepy Northern Californian town, Edgar Frog has had better days - and nights - when he is hired to rescue Peter by his sister, bestselling author Gwen Lieber. These bloodsuckers are growing a vampire army by handing out The Thirst, a drug made out of vampire blood, at raves all across the country. With the help of Zoe, who clearly wants to be more than just Edgar’s friend, and re-united with his brother, Alan, Edgar enters a battle that will test all his strength and finally put an end to the un-dead.

Lost Boys: The Thirst News
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lost Boys: The Thirst DVD Special Feature Clip
Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander are back as The Frog Brothers in this new DVD/Blu-ray sequel.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander Talk Lost Boys: The Thirst
The actors who portrayed the vampire slaying Frog Brothers in The Lost Boys return for an all-new adventure.
EXCLUSIVE: Corey Feldman Talks Lost Boys 4!
The actor who plays Edgar Frog in the popular vampire series discusses the loss of Corey Haim and the future of the franchise.
BOOS! & WHOOP-DOOS!: Lost Boys: The Thirst Screening and Review
Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander join forces as the Frog Brothers to introduce the latest installment of this new direct-to-video sequel.
SDCC 2010 EXCLUSIVE: Lost Boys: The Thirst Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander Speak!
"The Frog Brothers" reunite to talk about this long awaited vampire sequel!
Lost Boys: The Thirst Drinks It Up on DVD and Blu-ray October 12th
We have all the details on the third installment of this vampire franchise.
First Lost Boys: The Thirst Trailer Is Here!
The Frog Brothers re-unite! Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander face off against vampire Armageddon in this first look at the upcoming sequel.
HEY, PAULINGTON: The Na'vi, Depression, Conan, Frogs, and You!
Paulington answers all of your questions in this life advice column for the true cinephile!
Corey Feldman Offers an Official Update on Lost Boys 3: The Thirst
The actor recently finished filming the lastest sequel in the ever-popular Frog Brothers franchise.
Tanit Phoenix Signs on for Lost Boys 3: The Thirst
The South African actress will play a woman seeking Edgar Frog's services.
EXCLUSIVE: Corey Haim to Return in Lost Boys 4
The actor says that Warner Brothers Premiere is planning on making one Lost Boys movie a year.
EXCLUSIVE: VIDEO: Corey Feldman Talks Lost Boys 3: The Thirst
The fan-favorite actor gives us the inside scoop on his involvement in the upcoming sequel and the triumphant return of the Frog Brothers.
Corey Feldman Set to Return in The Lost Boys 3: The Thirst
This third film finds Edgar and Alan Frog teaming up with a vampire romance novelist.
Corey Feldman Spills the Truth on Lost Boys 3
The actor clears up most of the rumors swarming around this upcoming direct-to-DVD sequel.
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