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The sequel is set in the shady surf city of Luna Bay, California, where vampires quickly dispatch anyone who crosses their path. Into this dark world arrive Chris Emerson and his younger sister, Nicole. Having just lost their parents in a car accident, the siblings move in with their eccentric Aunt Jillian and become new prey for the locals' way of life. When Nicole unwittingly falls for a local vampire, Chris must locate and destroy the gang's lifeline before his sister's transformation is complete; to do this Chris finds himself relying on the expertise of none other than Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman). Subtle references to characters from the original film, and cameos from returning actors offer homage to the Lost Boys legend and set a sinister tone of impending doom.

Lost Boys: The Tribe News
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Lost Boys: The Tribe Gets Reviewed!
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Corey Feldman and crew give us the lowdown on this highly anticipated vampire sequel.
COMIC-CON 2008: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kiefer Sutherland Dishes on Lost Boys: The Tribe
The star of the original Lost Boys weighs in on the sequel.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Killing Vampires with Corey Feldman in Lost Boys: The Tribe!
The iconic actor takes us deep into the role that made us all want to become a Vampire hunter!
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lost Boys: The Tribe's Cry Little Sister Video Shoot with Aiden!
Aiden lead singer wiL Francis talks about covering the iconic song for the upcoming DVD release.
Watch Corey Haim on The Set of Lost Boys 2: The Tribe
A new clip surfaces from The Two Coreys TV show.
The Lost Boys: The Tribe to Premiere at Comic-con
Now you can see the long awaited sequel on the big screen for free.
EXCLUSIVE: Will There Be a Lost Boys 3?
Corey Feldman says that has always been the master plan for the franchise.
EXCLUSIVE: Corey Feldman Returns as Edgar Frog in The Lost Boys: The Tribe!
The Felddog gives us the low down on vamps, bats, stakes, The Two Coreys, and a possible Lost Boys III.
EXCLUSIVE: Corey Feldman Prepares for Battle with The Two Coreys!
The iconic actor catches us up on all of his latest endeavors.
First Look at 72 New Lost Boys: The Tribe Photos!
Corey Feldman and crew battle bloody vampires for your viewing pleasure.
EXCLUSIVE: The Lost Boys: The Tribe Soundtrack Hits Hard!
Seattle Rock Outfit Aiden has recorded a cover of Cry Little Sister for the film.
The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe Brings The Action to DVD and Blu-Ray on July 29th
We now have the full details on this straight-to-video sequel.
The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe Coming July 29!
The brand new official website for the film finally gives us a release date.
Three Viral Websites Are Launched for The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe
Take a look at this trio of marketing sites for the upcoming DVD.
Lost Boys 2: The Tribe Fails to Secure a Theatrical Release
Corey Feldman updates us on the final fate of his latest film.
Lost Boys 2: The Tribe High-Resolution DVD Cover Art Released!
Get your first look at the packaging before you pick it up in stores.
Corey Haim Is Still Feeling Dazed
The actor will reteam with Silver Bullet co-star Gary Busey.
New The Lost Boys 2 Full-Length Trailer Online
Go deeper into this upcoming straight-to-DVD sequel.
Lost Boys: The Tribe Trailer!
The film goes straight to DVD this July.
Corey Feldman on The Lost Boys III
Could Edgar Frog be turning into a vampire soon?
First Vampire Photo from Lost Boys 2: The Tribe!
Get your first glimpse at one of the bad guys in the new flick.
Feldman Chimes in on Haim's Lost Boys 2: The Tribe Reshoots!
The trailer will be made available for the first time on the I Am Legend DVD!
Corey Haim Returns for Lost Boys 2: The Tribe!
The actor is the reason for the recent reshoots.
Additional Lost Boys 2 Scenes Currently Being Shot
This could mean a theatrical release after all...
Want to See The Lost Boys 2 on the Big Screen?
The studio is voting on whether it will go theatrical or straight to DVD.
New Lost Boys 2: The Tribe Photos
Edgar Frog is alive and kicking in a couple of new pictures from the upcoming film.
First Photo from Lost Boys 2: The Tribe
Check out Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog!
Feldman Responds to Haim's Descision to Leave Lost Boys 2
The two Corey's in some continuing strife over the the production of their beloved sequel.
It's Official: No Corey Haim in Lost Boys 2
Plus, Moneca Delain has been added to the cast.
Corey Haim Not in The Lost Boys 2? Plus, New Casting Info!
Corey Feldman already left for Vancouver last week to film his role.
Autumn Reeser to Star in Lost Boys 2: The Tribe
The actress joins the two Coreys in the upcoming horror sequel.
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